Finding an e-liquid that is right for you is one of the biggest yet most exciting choices you'll have to make as a vaper. With one of the largest ranges of the best premium vape juice available online in the UK and worldwide, you’ve come to the right place. Our range of e-liquids consists of over 800 flavours from over 150 brands, so no matter what your taste buds crave we’ll have a flavoured e-liquid for you.

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VS Menthol 50-50 Range E-Liquid

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VS Peppermint Menthol 70-30 Range E-Liquid
VS Peppermint Menthol 70-30 Range E-Liquid

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VS Banana 50-50 Range E-Liquid

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VS Spearmint 50-50 Range E-Liquid

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VS Apple 50-50 Range E-Liquid

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VS Mango 50-50 Range E-Liquid

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VS Cherry 50-50 Range E-Liquid

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Vape Liquid is an integral part of any electronic cigarette, it is the mixture that is heated and creates the vapour and flavour.

Made up of three ingredients (rising to 4 with the addition of nicotine); flavouring, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

E cig liquid is the mixture that is added to the vape tank of your e-cigarette. It is absorbed by the organic cotton that surrounds the coil element. The coil sits inside the tank and heats up when the fire button of the vape is pressed. This in turn evaporates the liquid and creates the vapour you inhale.

Depending on the ratio of PG to VG you can either opt for a stronger throat hit and more flavour with higher PG levels or a milder throat hit and more vapour production with higher VG levels.


Two core ingredients used in the preparation of e-liquids are PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin).

Most e-liquids are a mix of PG and VG in different proportions, with common mixtures including 80 percent PG and 20 percent VG, 70 percent PG and 30 percent VG, and 50/50. When buying e-liquids you'll see that the PG/VG is marked as a ratio.

PG is a clear, flavourless liquid that has a similar viscosity to that of water. PG is the ingredient that gives a throat hit and also serves to carry the flavour of the e-liquid.

Higher PG liquids are usually used in lower powered, mouth to lung devices as its thinner consistency is easier to vaporise than VG. PG is used in a variety of different day-to-day items, including food products and medicine.

Vegetable Glycerin is a much thicker consistency and is made from a vegetable base. Non toxic, VG has a sweet taste and is the ingredient in vape liquids that’s responsible for producing the vapour itself.

High VG e-liquids are designed for more powerful electronic cigarettes, as the thicker consistency means it takes more heat to evaporate. Common items that VG can be found in include toothpaste, pet food and even beauty products.


One of the ingredients used within e-liquids is nicotine, this is most well known chemical found in tobacco and is added at a variety of strengths to vape juice.

The majority of vapers will opt to have e-liquids with nicotine, with the most popular strengths being either a 3mg or 6mg strength. However, strengths up to 20mg are available.

Getting the right nicotine strength is an important decisions when selecting e-liquids for the first time. To choose the right strength of e liquid, you need to consider your smoking habit. Light smokers who only have a few cigarettes a day should go for a 3mg or 6mg strength. Moderate smokers who get through up to a pack a day should start at a 12mg nicotine level. Anyone going through a pack a day and over should look at 18-20mg strengths.


When it comes to the flavours of vape liquids, there is no limitations since all kinds are available on the market.

New flavours of e-liquids come to market all of the time meaning once you make the switch you’re no longer limited to tobacco or menthol alone. The most popular range of flavours among current vapers and ex-smokers are fruity blends.

Whether you buy e-liquid with a single note to keep it simple or after something more complex like custard tart, cocktails or candy there’s something for you. Once you’ve found flavours you like, you can also combine them yourself to get something customised to your particular tastes.


For maximum flavour and to ensure the longevity of your e-liquid, store in a cool, dark place. Keeping them away from direct sunlight and heat. Likewise, don't go too cold. However for long-term storage some vapers store their e liquid in the fridge. Always keep the bottle sealed and away from children or pets.