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Box Mods

Regulated Box Mods are packed with features and bristling with power - they make a great choice for anyone seeking a safe, convenient vape. Vaping Box Mods are perfect for flavour and cloud chasers alike due to the many ways you can customise your settings, great for both novice and intermediate vapers without the technical wherewithal of a mechanical mod. Box mod vapes are also compatible with RDAs too, meaning they’re a good, safe starting point for those of you looking to try building your own coils. Experienced users will also still get plenty of enjoyment out of them with their full suite of advanced vaping options, safety features and memory presets.



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What Is A Regulated Box Mod?

There are many different vape mods to choose from, including regulated and unregulated mods. Regulated mods have protection built into them which prevent battery damage. When your coil build is too low, a regulated mod will normally display an error message and prevent you from vaping. Unlike unregulated mods, regulated mods feature circuit boards to regulate the current.

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What Is A Regulated Box Mod?

Regulated vape mods are designed with the safety of users in mind. If your battery falls below a certain level, or the coil is faulty, the mod won’t fire up. You’ll then either need to replace the coil, charge the mod if the battery is in-built or replace it with a charged battery.

More than just a safer vape, box mod vapes also have the added benefit of keeping the power output constant. With a regulated mod, internal circuitry maintains your vape settings consistently, so when you set a regulated mod to vape at 75 watts you’ll get 75 watts of output until the battery is fully depleted. Unregulated models will gradually drain, meaning the output drops as the battery life does.

With a 510 connector being standard in regulated mods (that’s the bit that joins your tank and mod) you’re not committed to having a mod and tank from the same brand. Essentially, this gives you even more choice so you can find the perfect combination for you.

When you use a box mod you’ll probably also enjoy a longer battery life (this varies on the wattage you’re pumping through and your coil). Regulated vaping mods are normally easier to operate as you can still use them while they charge, thanks to what's known as passthrough functionality. They usually come with a digital display to give you valuable information about wattage, battery life, voltage and ohms. All of this makes changing your settings super easy.

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Who Are Regulated Vaping Mods Best Suited For?

Regulated vape mods are particularly suited to vapers who aren’t looking for a vape to build from scratch, but want something a little more customisable than basic models.

Many cloud-chasers opt for unregulated mods, though regulated mods at the higher end of the market can also produce some solid clouds.

Modern regulated mods are used by all types of vaper, whether beginner or advanced as they offer excellent functionality, power and safety features.

Buying Regulated Mods at Vape Superstore

Bringing you the best brands together under one roof, we stock some of the most popular regulated box mods on the market. Some of the most manufacturers of vaping mods include SMOK, Vaporesso and Wismec.

If you’re not sure which one is right for you - get in touch for a personal recommendation.