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Nicotine Salt E Liquid looks like nicotine, it feels like nicotine but it’s whole new way to vape. Nic salt e liquids are the super-charged way to get nicotine into your system. They’re also the smart way to vape when you want to be able to get a quick hit and carry right on with your day. Delivering your fix within 6 seconds, you can mix nic salt juices with your favourite short fill or get 10ml bottles of high concentration nicotine salt liquid to keep any cravings at  bay. Because they’re a faster way to get your hit and come in a higher concentration, you need less of them making them more cost effective too.

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Sale NS20 Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid
NS20 Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid

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NS20 Element Crema E-Liquid

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What are nic salts?

Nic salts are more readily absorbed into your system than traditional freebase nicotine. They also offer a smoother hit than freebase nicotine without compromising strength, meaning you can have a high dose without a super harsh throat hit. Essentially you need less hits to satisfy your craving and won’t lose out on flavour to do so.

The Chemistry Behind Nic Salts

Freebase nicotine is the default form of nicotine you’ll find in your everyday 10ml bottles of e-liquid and nicotine shots. It’s also the format of nicotine used in the usual nicotine replacement solutions like patches, gum and sprays. The most true to form format, it’s distilled from tobacco without carrying across any of the harmful byproducts from the tobacco leaf itself. This form of nicotine is quite common and can actually be found in many vegetables including the likes of potatoes, eggplant and tomatoes.

Nicotine salts are created by taking conventional freebase nicotine and adding benzoic acid, which helps neutralise the alkalinity, hence making for a more gentle throat hit. This process also means that nicotine salts are more readily vaporised at lower temperatures than freebase nicotine. Because of this, nic salts are ideally suited to Plus Ohm, mouth to lung style vapes designed with recent quitters in mind. You’ll be able to get the same hit from your vape as you would a cigarette, without a super scratchy throat hit you’d expect from the equivalent strength in a freebase liquid.

Who are nic salts best for?

Nic salts are a good option for a bunch of different reasons. The obvious answer to this is recent quitters who have given up a heavy smoking habit and need a high-nicotine solution. As nic salts deliver higher levels to your system and do so more rapidly, a few puffs on a pod mod will get rid of those cravings. Vaping freebase nicotine provides less nic than in a cigarette so the salt formulation is ideal for recent quitters who still need a high dose. If they so choose, they can then move onto a lower strength of nicotine in a freebase formula.

They’re also a great option for people who want to reduce the amount they’re vaping. As they’re more satisfying, if you’re a chain vaper your body will naturally want to stop after a few puffs.

If you’re a dedicated Sub ohm vaper, we’d recommend sticking to freebase nicotine as nic salts will deliver too high a dose with a high temperature high power mod.