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What are Short Fill E-Liquids?

Short Fill e-liquids are the innovative little solution to TPD limits on juice containing nicotine as well as providing a more cost effective option for vapers chugging through serious quantities. Essentially, they’re large bottles of 0mg juice with space at the top for a concentrated nicotine shot. You can vape them as is with no nic, or boost the nicotine up to your desired level. How to create your liquid To mix your juice, you will need to remove the lids and pop the pipette out from the top of the bottle to give you space to pour your nicotine...

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The Ultimate Vape Coil Guide

Like anything, vaping attracts both those with a casual interest, often as a means to quit smoking, as well as keen hobbyists. For the former, there are plenty of starter kits and easy to use vaping gadgets but the latter need much more than a simple kit to satisfy their interest. Rebuildable Drippers The vaping industry has come to the rescue and have created a variety of mods, RDAs, RTAs and atomisers for vapers to build on to keep them entertained. Many major brands offer a similar experience with their kits and latest innovations. However, it’s become clear that the...

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What is a Squonk Mod?

If you've been wondering what a squonk mod is, you're not alone. Many vapers have encountered the term 'squonking' but aren’t sure what it actually refers to, how it works or how it could enhance their vaping experience. So, we’re here to clear a few questions up. We’ll look at the benefits of squonking and why so many vapers are taking up this activity. If you decide it sounds like something you’d like to give a whirl we’ll also recommend some of the most popular and innovative squonk mods on the market. What is a squonk mod? Before we get...

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The Legal Age To Vape

Candy Uproars, Teens And Where The Law Stands Just last month, Scottish parents were slamming IVG Premium E-Liquids for naming their candy flavoured product “Bubblegum Millions”. This is probably the first time we’ve seen a company make headlines for using images related to their product...dare we say it, on the product. Based on the bright blue candy pebbles, Bubblegum Millions accompanies Strawberry Millions, Blackcurrant Millions and now, a whole lot of controversy. The issue turned more complicated when the big guys behind the sweetie counter told IVG that their alleged “child-friendly” vaping strategy “goes against everything they represent”. Here at...

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JUUL: What Is All The Fuss About?

When it comes to JUUL, we generally get one of two questions: “Do you stock it?” (yes) and “Can you tell me what it is?” (also yes). To give you an idea of the sheer buzz this revolutionary brand is causing, the company website actually welcomes you with “We now have a store in the UK”. We happen to have 7 stores. With the full VapeSuperstore JUUL stock, you’re sorted. Just last month, JUUL announced customisable skins and wraps. From watermelons to US flags, you can now get a JUUL that’s your own personal experience as much on the outside...

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Stoptober 2018

Do It This Year And Save Your Life Don’t tell us that awareness months don’t work. In 2014, we woke up to Veganuary. Just last month, Hellman’s announced the launch of vegan mayonnaise. There’s a difference, though. Provided you don’t 100% live off Mr.Kipling and lard, becoming vegan isn’t something that will save your life. “Not being vegan” isn’t a killer. Being a smoker is. “Enough is enough.” Smoking is mankind’s biggest killer. Join the people giving Big Tobacco the middle finger. What Is Stoptober And When Did It Start? Stoptober is the NHS-backed, 28-day campaign to get Brits to...

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All About Nicotine

Everything You Need To Know (Plus Stuff That Will Surprise You) If you’re a smoker, you’ll recognise nicotine. It’s called breakfast. If you keep your ciggies on your nightstand, nicotine is breakfast in bed. Yawn, roll over, fumble for the lighter and knock another 11 minutes off your life. But not in the way you might think. As smokers continue to feed their bodies nicotine (and many vapers join in), the majority of them have one thing in common: not having a damn clue what the stuff even is. We’ll be breaking it all down. What nicotine is, how it...

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The All New

The #ShinyShiny Has Landed Getting our office to keep this on the down-low has been damn near impossible. Yes, we’ve built a brand new website. On reflection, what we should have done, is invested in oven mitts. Would have saved us hours of physically pinning our staff down: “You will NOT- we repeat, NOT give into the urge and send out an announcement Tweet before it’s ready”. “When will it be ready?” “When it’s perfect”. That was the standard we set from the day we launched Vape Superstore back in 2015. It was a benchmark we set for everything. The...

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