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Top 5 Box Mods for 2019

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When you really get into vaping, having more control over things like wattage, different output settings and things like temperature control can really refine and enhance your experience. Even if you prefer a mouth to lung vape over a cloud chucking Sub Ohm tank, picking a box mod that isn’t just a press-the-button-to-fire can make all the difference. Whether you want something low maintenance like an internal battery mod or a dual-cell mod with 200 watts of power (or something in between) we’ve made our picks of the best options 2019 has to offer.


  1. Geekvape - Aegis Legend Mod
  2. Aspire - NX75 Mod
  3. Uwell - Crown IV Mod
  4. Voopoo - Drag 2 Mod
  5. Aspire - Reax Mini Mod


  • Geek Vape are an incredibly dynamic brand. Their mods range from more traditional, retro looking designs to the likes of the more modern and hardy looking Aegis Legend. This mod is an ideal option for a busy, clumsy or outdoorsy vaper. You’ve got space for two 18650 batteries to give you plenty of vaping hours with up to 200 watts of power, all housed in a drop-proof, waterproof and dustproof body.

    If you’re the kind of person that forgets to charge their vape, carrying a couple of spares and keeping two in the Aegis Legend will mean if you forget to plug in, you’ll still be good for a few days. It has all the usual safety protections built in and can be operated in temperature control mode to support different coil types. The dimensions lend it well to larger tanks too, coming in at 90.5mm tall, 58.5mm wide and 30.6mm deep. This means even your most chunky RDAs and Sub Ohm tanks will fit just fine on top with no overhang.

    Who we’d recommend the Aegis Legend to: Vapers who want something long lasting and hardy that gives you plenty of power but can also withstand the odd accidental drop.

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  • A more slim and minimalist looking option is the NX75 from Aspire. As the name would suggest, it has a maximum output of 75 watts and it requires a single 18650 battery. If you’re just getting into more advanced Sub Ohm vaping, the NX75 offers an affordable option with plenty of the features you’ll find in more heavy duty pieces of kit too. You can tinker with things like temperature control mode, Bypass mode and different coil types - all doing so safely because this mod has plenty of safety features built in. Most vapers will find that 50 to 60 watts is more than enough to get them going, especially if they’ve just moved from something like a pen vape. The slender frame of the NX75 lends it well to more narrow tanks - we’d recommend pairing it with something like the original Cleito tank for a wonderfully flavourful and cloudy vape.

    Who we’d recommend the NX75 to: Vapers looking for an affordable and easy to use mod if they’re just getting into higher, variable wattage Sub Ohm vaping.


  • For a mod as regal looking and distinguished as the name would imply, the Crown IV mod from Uwell is the one to go for. It’s a dual-cell mod, accommodating 18650 batteries for anywhere between 5 and 200 watts. The stylish door is held in place with magnets, making for easy battery changes without needing to pry it open. No matter whether you’re looking for something to pair with a mouth to lung tank or a serious Sub Ohm option, this mod can fire on resistances anywhere between 0.1ohms up to a high 3.0ohm resistance. It has an off-centre 510 connector and can handle tanks up to 26mm in diameter with no issues, making it a great option for those of you who enjoy larger Sub Ohm tanks and RDAs.

    Who we’d recommend the Crown IV to: Vapers who want something that looks modern but still has that slightly retro shape, all while packing in plenty of power and functionality.

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  • For a vibrant and colourful mod that delivers on functionality as well as looks, you can’t go wrong with the Voopoo Drag 2. The classic Voopoo resin panels are visually impactful and inside the mod there’s space for two 18650 batteries, giving you up to 177 watts of power (more than enough for just about anyone). It’s still pretty lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand, measuring in at 88.3mm tall without a tank, 51mm wide and 26.5mm deep. The dimensions lend it well even to larger tanks, so you can fit it with everything from your more slim tanks to a chunky RDA if you choose - making it a versatile option regardless of how you like to vape. If you’re into building your own coils there’s a temperature control setting for titanium, nickel and stainless steel coils too.

    Who we’d recommend the Drag 2 to: We’d recommend the Drag 2 to anyone who wants something that looks different from the rest but still has all the power, functionality and battery life as more minimalist looking mods.

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  • If you don’t want the extra hassle or cost of purchasing batteries and a charger, an internal battery mod is a great option. This one is especially ideal for mouth to lung vapers who don’t need a huge amount of power but still want more control over their settings. The Reax Mini mod features and internal 1600mAh battery which will last most vapers all day and has 6 settings to choose from. Fire at 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 watts if you’re using a plus Ohm coil, or fit it with a Sub Ohm coil for a Bypass mode output. It measures in at just 70mm tall, 31.5mm wide and 29.6mm deep meaning you can fit larger tanks on top too - so even with slightly lower power it’s still a great option for larger tanks without resulting in any overhang. It’s the perfect companion for something like the Nautilus tank for mouth to lung vaping, or the Tigon if you prefer a direct to lung, cloudy vape.

    Who we’d recommend the Reax Mini to: Mouth to lung vapers in particular will enjoy the simplicity and compact size of the Reax.

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