Best Box Mods for 2023

Best Box Mods for 2023

What are box mods?

Before we get into it, we’ll explain just what box mods are and how they’re different from your standard entry level vape kit. Essentially, the name comes from the shape of the mod itself. They’re usually boxy and, unlike most vape pens and pod kits, can be purchased on their own and can be paired with a multitude of tanks that can be removed and switched out. They’re larger than entry level kits, owing to the fact they have more battery and a more advanced chipset (the little computer that makes the mod itself work). Some box mods have an in-built battery but plenty have external batteries - usually 18650s that you put in yourself.

With more battery comes more power too. So, your little vape pen might have around a 900mAh battery for around 30 watts of power but a lot of box mods with in-built batteries will have twice as much battery life and output. These days, the heavy duty options you can get can often fit a couple of 3000mAh batteries and fire all the way up to 200 watts and above.

What features do you get in box mods?

Aside from being larger in size and firing ability, box mods also have a more advanced chipset. Most smaller kits will have what’s called bypass firing which is where the wattage is a maximum of say 20 watts, which gradually drops as the battery drains. Box mod chipsets not only keep wattage at a constant level, they also let you control just how much wattage you’re using. Aside from that, they have things like coil recognition too. What this does is automatically detects the resistance level of your coil and adjusts the wattage to the optimal level for that specific coil. This means you’re going to get a better vaping experience as well as avoiding accidentally firing it too high and burning your coil out in the first few puffs.

Advanced chipsets also have different firing modes other than just variable wattage. Many of them include Bypass mode - so if you like having a vape that gradually drops power as your battery drains, you can still vape that way too. There’s also often something called temperature control, where you can select how warm or cool you want your coil to be. This can help reduce the strain on your coil by preventing them from getting too hot, in turn making them last longer. It also often enables you to vape at even lower resistance levels than you’d otherwise be able to in variable wattage mode. Temperature control will often have a support function for different types of coil material. So, if you’re into building your own coils, there’s often a specific setting for stainless steel, nickel, kanthal and titanium.

All in, box mods give you more options, more versatility and more power. They’re an ideal option for advanced vapers who want to refine their settings as well as vape with much more power without having to recharge too often.

How do I choose the right box mod for me?

This question really depends on what kind of vaping experience you want. For something low maintenance and easy to use if you’re just starting out with mods and are used to a modest amount of power, we’d recommend an option with an in-built battery. They’ll still give you a decent amount of wattage to play with, without over-complicating things as far as other settings go. If you’ve been vaping a while and have already had a play with a more advanced kit, something with new settings like temperature control, around 80 watts or more of power should be about right.

Our top 5 box mods picks

We thought it was about time we brought together our top box mod list for 2023. There has been a huge surge in the pod kit department, following on from that, mods have adapted to our tastes. While there’s certainly a huge range of hefty box mods, we’ve seen a wave of slimmer designs that still offer plenty of power. No matter whether you’re looking for a conventional external battery mod or something smaller that still delivers on flavour and vapour, we think you’ll find a fresh piece of kit to love here.


  1. SMOK - Morph 3
  2. Geek Vape - Legend 2 Classic 
  3. VooPoo - Drag M100S
  4. SMOK - Mago Solo
  5. Vaporesso - GEN 200


The first on the list is from one of the most loved vape brands, SMOK. The Morph 3 packs versatility with comfort and looks to deliver a capable box mod that belts out power. The Morph 3 is powered by two 18650 batteries, housed in a zinc alloy chassis with a dual-tone leather finish. When you get low on battery, the quick Type-C charge capability will have you back to full power in no time. Aside from all of that, this one gives you an impressive maximum output of 230W as well as temperature control mode with support for nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. The chipset provides all the safety protections you could possibly need but also gives you rapid firing speed too. Perfect for your next upgrade, the Morph 3 is a durable and comfortable powerhouse.

Who we’d recommend the Morph 3 to:

If you love a more powerful vape but also want something to tinker with as far as new settings go, this is a great option. The Morph 3 mod can handle tanks up to 26mm in diameter with no overhang. Combine that with the temperature control options and multiple metal types you can vape with this kit, it’s a wonderful choice for those of you who like building your own coils to use in RDAs. Whether you’re just looking for a more advanced box mod or something that’ll let you get really creative, SMOK have you covered with the Morph 3.

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2 - geek vape - legend 2 (classic)

Geek Vape have made a name for themselves with their Legend series of rugged and powerful mods. The L200 Classic showases the renowned durability of its predecessors with a more compact and lightweight silicone body and leather grip design that still carries the robust IP68 rating for water, shock and dust resistance. Pumping out 200W of variable power, the kit is supported by two 18650 or 21700 batteries and fast Type-C charging. A 1.08" full colour display sits on the side of the L200 Classic and allows for easy navigation of the wide range of output modes including temperature control, bypass and boosting mode which will read your coil and automatically set the optimal setting for maximum cloud and flavour production. The handy A-lock allows you to lock the mod with a simple flick of the slide bar, making misfires and burnt coils a thing of the past.

Who we'd recommend the Legend 200 (Classic) to:

If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle or work in an environment that requires something with more resiliance then the L200 (Classic) is an ideal choice. The IP68 rating along with the A-lock, means that you don't need to worry about water, drops or misfires and the surprisingly compact structure of the kit fits comfortably in your hand. This is a powerful, versatile and durable mod that looks the business.

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We love the VooPoo Drag M100S mod for its slick looking classic wood panelling and nanometer scale polished zinc alloy finishes. Packing in a single 186560 or 21700 battery capability with Type-C quick charging so you can power up even faster, the M100S is compact, lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand. The GENE.TT 2.0 chipset inside has plenty of nifty features built in, allowing you to fire anywhere between 6 and 100 watts as well as SMART and temperature control mode. With a robust frame, you can fit tanks up to 25mm in diameter on this mod with no overhang, meaning it’ll suit just about any tank from your collection. On top of all of that, the Drag M100S has 7 robust safety features for your peace of mind.

Who we’d recommend the Drag M100S to:

If you want power, versatility and a build quality that exudes class we’ve never seen in another mod, you’ll love the Drag M100S. It’s perfect for vapers who like a less bulky more pocket friendly mod that still delivers on power and performance, on top of that, the external battery can be beefed up to a 21700 for even longer vaping sessions.

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Another fine entry from SMOK lands on our list, the Mag Solo mod can house a single battery, either an 18650 or a 21700 for 100W of vairable output. The Mago Solo showcases SMOK's famous gun grip form factor that fits snugly in your hand with a generous fire button conveniently located for your index finger or thumb. It’s the ideal option for intermediate vapers, giving you a solid amount of power to play with as well as a few new features. Fire in wattage mode, as well temperature control that lets you getthe most out of your coils. The screen on the side of the mod shows all your important vaping information like resistance, battery and power as well as making changing your settings a breeze. The Mag Solo's chipset has plenty of built-in safety features so you can use it with confidence.

Who we’d recommend the Mag Solo to:

If you prefer an external battery mod that’s still small enough for taking on the go, this is the one for you. With plenty of options to play with settings but still simple enough to be used by newer vapers, it’s a mod that will have plenty to offer even as you gain more experience. Pair it with anything from a simple mouth to lung tank to a Sub Ohm tank or RDA with low resistance coils, no matter your style, the Mag Solo will perform.

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5 - vaporesso gen 200

Vaporesso's Gen 200 mod favours a more miniamilist aesthetic that delivers ustadning performance, an ultra light and attractive device that puts out 5-220W of power backed by two 18650 batteries. Nestled in the soft touch rubber shell is a 0.96" OLED display with 3 navigation buttons, with the fire button situated in easy reach of your thumb or index finger. The Gen 200 is powered by Vaporesso's AXON chipset which handles variable wattage, temperature contol as well as pulse mode which extends the life span of your coils. You can fit a 28mm diameter tank without anyoverhang and a Type-C charging port located on the side of the kit means that you can charge it upright.

Who we’d recommend the Gen 200 to:

If you’re looking for something with a touch of elegance that’s perfect for pairing with a variety of tanks as well as being a portable option, the Gen 200 is a great choice. It measures in at just 138.5mm tall and 44mm wide all while keeping your tank nice and secure thanks to its tri-mounted 510 connection.

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Honourable mentions:

With so many innovative new designs on the market, there were a couple of mods we thought we’d include that almost made the top five cut. The last two on our list are for the serious Sub Ohm vapers who want exceptionally high power and space for two batteries.


Geek Vape's stylish and ergonomic Z200 mod is a dazzling design, constructed with a brushed metal chassis that showcases a full length 2.4" colour display and powered by two 18650 batteries. It’ll give you a maximum output of 200 watts with a host of customisation features backed by the latest AS-Chip 3.0 technology. It’s a super intuitive to use kit, with the eye-catching display you can easily read your vape settings and the buttons on the side allow you to refine your output. A large firing button and ergonomic design make this one comfortable to use in either hand.  

Who we’d recommend the Z200 to:

If you're looking for a head turner that is also a joy to use then the Z200 is an excellent choice. You can enjoy fine tuning your vape while showing off to your friends who may mistake this capable 200W mod for a smart phone.

Geek Vape Z200 Mod - Black
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Another super-charged mod, the Argus MT houses a huge 3000mAh battery in a stylish yet lightweight zinc alloy design that puts out 100W of variable power. A durable IP68 rating makes the mod waterproof, dust and shock resistant and the QS locking mechanism prevents accidental firing. The GENE TT 2.0 chipset has plenty of features for you to play with including temperature control mode and Turbo mode which provides an instant boost for vapour and flavour production. The Argus MT also incorportates a smart battery management system which utilises a high definition thermal sensor to ensure maximum efficiency and Type-C charging gets you back up and running quickly.

Who we’d recommend the Argus MT to:

If you don't fancy fiddling around with batteries but still want a powerful and durable mod that is also quite portable then you can't go wrong with the Argus MT. With a wide range of customisation options as well as smart battery management this will make an ideal first mod and will also keep seasoned vapers very happy.

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Hopefully you’ve found something from our list that piqued your interest if you’ve been on the market for a new (or first) box mod for a while. Whether it’s an internal battery mod or a heavy duty option with 100+ watts of power, box mods have a lot to offer to enhance your vaping experience. If you’re unsure which is best for you, you can always get in touch with us for a personal recommendation too. contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

Medical Information Disclaimer

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