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Nic Nic Nicotine Shots

Nic Nic is a range of e-liquid nicotine boosters from UK based My Vapery. All My Vapery brands are manufactured by UK e-liquid specialists Xyfil Ltd to ensure maximum quality, compliance and consistency in every batch. My Vapery e-liquid brands include Jammin, Cali Greens, Pod Salt, Vapers Oven, The Big Tasty, Candy Rush and Nic Nic. Jammin e-liquid won the award for Best pastry e-liquid at Vape Jam 4 in April 2018, highlighting the high quality of the My Vapery brands. Nic Nic is a collection of 10ml nicotine booster shots that have been specifically designed for use with short fill e-liquids. Not content with supplying just standard nicotine shots the Nic Nic range offers a range of choices to suit all tastes and requirements.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

The Nic Nic Range

The Nic Nic Ice Shot is available as a 70% VG blend. Designed for use with short fill e-liquids it will give e-liquids a cooling effect when added. Recommended for adding a refreshing twist to tropical fruit vapes or when your mint vape needs an extra cool hit.

The Nic Nic Salt Shot is available in a 50/50 VG/PG blend Designed for use with short fill e-liquids. Nicotine salts create a smoother throat hit without sacrificing nicotine strength. Recommended for those that demand the smoothest vape at higher power or suffer a sore throat from standard freebase nicotine.

The Nic Nic Max VG Shot features a 100% VG blend for those looking to add nicotine to max VG short fill bottled e-liquids without diluting the VG content. Recommended for those looking for thick clouds and those with a PG intolerance.

Using the Nic Nic Range

When mixed into a short fill bottle of e-liquid the Nic Nic range will increase the e-liquids overall nicotine content.

Adding the 18mg Nic Nic Ice Shot to a 50ml short fill bottle of 0mg e-liquid will give you 60ml of 3mg e-liquid.

Adding the 20mg Nic Nic Salt Shot to a 50ml short fill bottle of 0mg e-liquid will give you 60ml of 3.3mg e-liquid.

Adding the 15mg Nic Nic Max VG Shot to a 50ml short fill bottle of 0mg e-liquid will give you 60ml of 2.5mg e-liquid.

Nic Nic At Vape Superstore

Vape Superstore are proud to stock the full range of Nic Nic nicotine boosters. All Nic Nic shots provide great value for money and are made using only the highest quality nicotine available in the UK. If you require any advice on using Nic Nic products please contact us so we can advise you. Our price match promise and free delivery on all orders over £20 make Vape Superstore the ideal place to purchase Nic Nic products in the UK.