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RDA Vape Tanks

RDA tanks are rebuilding dripping atomisers that feature rebuildable atomiser coils and are regularly topped up with e-liquid. There are many great reasons for using RDAs, including the high levels of control they provide to users, enhanced reproduction of flavour, the ability to create a tailored vaping experience and the fact they are able to create substantial amounts of vapour. The wide range of RDA vape tanks available means we are able to cater for a diverse selection of tastes, requirements and budgets.

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About RDA Vape Tanks

What is an RDA tank?

An RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomiser that is designed for vaping and features rebuildable atomiser coils. RDAs need to be topped up with e-liquid on a regular basis and are chosen by discerning vapers for various reason such as their precise control, high vapour production and impressive reproduction of flavour.

How do RDA, RTA and RDTAs differ?

There are important differences between RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs despite their similar names. An RDTA is a rebuildable dripping tank atomiser designed for advanced users. Although RDAs and RDTAs both offer vast clouds of thick vapour and outstanding flavour reproduction, they differ in a number of ways. For instance, RDAs have a shallow reservoir located below the atomiser coil instead of a tank. This means they need to be refilled with e-liquid on a more regular basis. RDTAs have tanks that feed the coil automatically.

An RTA is a rebuildable tank atomiser that features a deck with posts and is protected by a sealed metal chamber cap. Most new tanks on the market feature RTAs. RTAs allow vapers to build their own coils rather than purchasing ready made ones and involve no manual dripping. They are also ideal for those wishing to cut the cost of vaping.

What is the difference between RDA’s and Sub Ohm Vape Tanks?

Sub Ohm Tanks are devices that are used to boost the power of fixed voltage devices. These tanks are the most commonly-used tanks because they require no technical knowledge yet produce quality clouds and vapour without requiring users to tinker with their devices. RDAs are designed for more advanced users who wish to partake in dripping, a process where e-liquid is dropped directly onto coils so thick, flavoursome vape can be produced. Dripping also allows users to quickly switch flavours without swapping tanks.

Safety Tips when using an RDA

When rebuilding your atomiser, you need to make sure the base is not hooked up to the mod and be careful with sharp ends and resistance wire. Make sure you never come into contact with the liquid directly and check the resistance of your coil on a regular basis to avoid shorting out your atomiser. Use a multimeter to check current, voltage and resistance and keep your resistances equal if you are making or using a multi-coil build.