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RTA Vape Tanks

RTA vape tanks are a rebuildable tank atomiser that look similar to a tank atomiser but includes a deck that you can build on. RTAs share features with clearomisers and rebuildable atomisers, offering the best of both worlds. They are ideal for those seeking greater control over the vaping experience and allow you to make your own coils and wicks. RTA tanks are ideal for experienced wickers, and if you have perfected your technique you can expect to enjoy an optimal vaping experience with an RTA.



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What is an RTA?

An RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) or vape drip tank requires a custom built coil that needs to have juice dripped directly onto it (which is why they also get called “drippers”). There can be some confusion about the difference between an RDTA and an RDA. In simple terms, the RDA has no tank, just a shallow reservoir beneath the atomiser coil which needs fairly constant refilling, while the RDTA has a tank which feeds the coil automatically. Usually the RDA reservoir won’t last you more than 20 puffs, depending on the setup you’ve created, before the wick starts to dry out. However the benefit of this is you can change flavour more frequently than with a regular coil.

Photo of a man blowing a big cloud

Benefits of using an RTA over a standard tank

RTAs are able to hold as much as 10ml of liquid. They feature a chimney that surrounds the cover. Their lids have holes which enable liquid to flow to the coil via a cotton wick. When you use a standard tank, you can find yourself spending substantial sums of money on pre-built coils. This won't be a problem when you opt for an RTA. All the materials you need to build your own coils are modestly-priced, and any costs for ongoing maintenance are minimal. Most people learn how to build their own coils quickly, and what's more is that they tend to last longer than pre-built coils. RTA tanks also deliver huge clouds and intense flavour, and there are many different tanks available to suit a host of preferences.

Person building a RTA tank

Safety tips when using an RTA

RTAs offer an incredible level of customisation as well as immense flavour and clouds, but there are steps that you need to take to avoid harm when using one. If you activate your device on a shortened atomiser on a high voltage, you could injure yourself, and you may come to harm if you're not careful with the sharp ends of your resistance wire. Always read the instructions that come with your device and avoid coming into direct contact with e-liquid. Buying a multimeter can avoid you running into dangerous problems with voltage and resistance. Avoid any situation where you might push your battery beyond its limit. Keep resistances equal when creating a multi-coil build.

Buying RTAs at Vape Superstore

If you're looking to seriously fine tune your vaping, then you've come to the right place. At Vape Superstore we stock a range of RTA's from leading manufacturers such as Dotmod, UWELL and Vandy Vapes as well as all the tools and accessories you will require.

Our team is made up of vapers and have fantastic knowledge of building coils so if you have any questions please do not hesistate to contact us.