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Founded in 2013, Aspire are one of the market leaders in the UK and worldwide for advanced vape products, the go-to e-cig brand for users who demand consistent, high quality performance from their kit. Aspire make all of their products in their own factory and have been manufacturing vaping devices for more than a decade, allowing them to keep a close eye on quality control. As well as selling separate batteries and vape tanks the company produces vape kits with everything you need for vaping.


Looking for an Aspire vape kit or a pack of replacement coils for your Aspire tank? Shop the entire Aspire range by type below. Aspire vape tanks features the ever popular Aspire Cleito range, Evo and Nautilus 2 tanks. Their range of e-cigarettes include the NX30 Rover, the latest Zelos X Kit and for anyone starting out in their vaping journey, the Aspire PockeX is one of the best starter kits available. You'll find it all within our Aspire vape range including replacement Aspire coils for your tank or kit.


Whether it’s a tank, vape kit or mod, Aspire offers innovative solutions to all levels of vaper. Known early on for the Nautilus Mini tank, they have since launched countless cutting edge products in to the market. Their Cleito tank and coil range have been considered by many as the best sub-ohm set up, whilst the PockeX kit is one of the most popular starter kits for transitioning smokers.


Aspire FAQS

Is Aspire PockeX mouth-to-lung?

The Aspire PockeX is actually an AIO (all in one) kit, meaning you can use it for both mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung vaping. The 0.6ohm coils the kit comes with are made for Sub Ohm vaping while the 1.2ohm coils can be used with nic salts and high PG liquids for a more restricted mouth to lung inhale.

How do you refill the Aspire Pockex?

Refilling is simple, just unscrew the top cap of the tank then carefully pour your e-liquid in. Be sure to avoid dripping any down the centre post that contains the coils so you don’t flood the coil or end up with spit-back.

How long do Aspire PockeX coils last?

This depends on a few factors. If you’re using your PockeX a lot throughout the day, you’ll wear the coil out more quickly than if you only used it a few times a day. Your e-liquid also plays a part in this, with higher VG liquids tending to make coils burn out a little more quickly. With that in mind, even with heavy vaping you should expect to get at least a week out of your coil. That can range all the way up to two to three weeks before you’ll start to notice a drop in flavour.

How do I change the coils on my Aspire Cleito?

When changing your coil, it’s best to do so when your tank is almost empty to make it less messy. You’ll need to open up the tank by disconnecting the base from the glass cylinder. This will expose your coil which you can then unscrew before fixing a new one into place. Screw the glass and top cap back on and you’re ready to refill your tank.

Why is my Aspire Cleito leaking?

If your tank is leaking there could be a few reasons behind it. The first thing to check is that your coil is properly fitted. If it’s not screwed into the base of the tank properly, e-liquid can move down the coil and flood the airflow area and drip out.

The other thing to consider is whether your coil needs changing. When the wicking material starts to wear out, it can’t absorb e-liquid as well meaning it’ll drip down the centre of the coil into your airflow vent. If it’s been a while since you changed the coil, put a fresh one in and make sure it’s fitted nice and tight.