How to use your IQOS Iluma One

Welcome to the Vape Superstore guide on how to operate the IQOS Iluma One kit. The latest offering from IQOS takes all the hassle out of your heated tobacco experience. With a revolutionary SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM and new TEREA tobacco sticks, the IQOS Iluma devices are now maintenance free. Join us as we take you through the unboxing, charging and step by step set up of this innovative heated tobacco device.


What’s in the box:

  • IQOS Iluma One Holder

  • USB Type C charging cable

  • Power adaptor

  • User manual

Step One - Charging:

First, fully charge your IQOS Iluma ONE Holder with the power adaptor and charging cable provided. wHile it's plugged in, turn on the IQOS Iluma ONE by pressing the power button for 4 seconds.

You should see the status lights for the Holder cycle up, showing how much charge your IQOS Iluma ONE has. If you don’t see any lights you will need to charge your kit before you can use it.

Once the IQOS Iluma ONE Holder is fully charged, you can begin.

Step Two - Using the Holder:

Slide the protective cover open and insert a TEREA stick by gently pushing the tobacco side into the IQOS ILUMA ONE Holder up to the line on the filter.

To activate the heating process you need to press the button for 1 second or until the IQOS Iluma One vibrates and the status light pulses.

After 20 seconds the IQOS Iluma One will vibrate and the status light will remain fixed.

You can now begin enjoying your TEREA stick.

How Long does a TEREA tobacco stick last?

Each TEREA stick is designed to last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs. The way you puff will impact how long the TEREA stick lasts.

When 30 seconds or two more puffs remain, the holder will pulse white lights and vibrate twice. Simply remove the TEREA stick and dispose of it responsibly.

Remember to close the protective cap when you are not using the device.

Step 3 - Recharge

You can enjoy 20 consecutive uses from your IQOS Iluma ONE before it needs to be re-charged.

Do I need to clean the IQOS Iluma One?

Other than charging, the IQOS Iluma One is completely maintenance free. Simply keep your device charged and you can enjoy hours of hassle free heated tobacco enjoyment.

  • No Cleaning
  • No Residue
  • No Broken Blades
  • Easy to Use

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