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E-cigarettes heat e-liquid to turn it into the vapor you inhale. The vapor is heated by a small heating element called an atomizer which is powered by a e cig battery. In a nutshell, without a battery in your e-cigarette you can’t vape so they’re kind of important. Vape Batteries come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of different feature sets. Your needs as a vaper will dictate the type of e-cigarette battery you need. Whether that’s a standard eGo type battery or a more advanced variable voltage e cig battery which allows you to control wattage we’ve got you covered. We also sell replacement batteries for the die-hards amongst you who use a mechanical mod. Our in-depth descriptions cover the key features of each e-cigarette battery and their compatibility with other devices. We have a large selection from leading brands including Aspire, Vision Spinner and LG.