Best Inhale-Activated Pod Kits

Best Inhale-Activated Pod Kits

Inhale Activation makes vaping instant use, the design allows the user to simply draw on the device to get it working without the need for any setup or button pressing. It's one of the major factors that have made disposable vapes so popular and it is now a staple in new refillable mouth-to-lung pod kits.

Equipped with inhale activation, refillable pod kits are user-friendly fill-and-go devices that are nearly indistinguishable from disposable vapes in terms of performance.

Along with a compact form factor, effortless refilling and perks like adjustable airflow, you have a beginner vape kit that is easy to use, much cheaper and produces far less waste.

It’s a no-brainer, if you are thinking about making the switch from smoking or you’re just tired of forking out on a new disposable every couple of days, refillable pod kits are the way to go.

Here at Vape Superstore, we’ve made your journey even easier by curating a list of the Best Inhale-Activated Pod Kits for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping. To make the cut, these kits had to be slim, hassle-free to use and deliver a like-for-like experience to that of disposable vapes.

Let’s dig in.

#1 ELFA Pod Kit by Elf Bar
#2 Caliburn G2 by Uwell
#3 Xros 3 Mini by Vaporesso
#4 dotPod Nano Pod Kit by Dotmod
#5 Solus G Pod Kit by SMOK
#6 Doric 20 SE Pod Kit by VooPoo
#7 Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit by Lost Vape
#8 Caliburn A3 Pod Kit by Uwell
#9 Argus P1 Pod Kit by VooPoo
#10 Novo 2C Pod Kit by SMOK

1. ELFA Pod Kit by Elf Bar

We’ll start off with an incremental change that will save you money and produce less waste without compromising on enjoyment. The ELFA Pod Kit is made by leading brand Elf Bar and is a small step away from the disposable design, utilising replaceable prefilled pods that click into a rechargeable battery unit which is shaped exactly like an Elf Bar disposable.

The pods are prefilled with Elf Bar’s entire range of highly sought-after flavours with a few exciting additions exclusive to just this device to look forward to. They are blended with the same premium nic salts and available in 20mg (2%) strength. You get two 2ml pods per pack, each delivering up to 600 puffs per pod - so already you’re getting double the puffs for nearly half the price. Changing pods is easy, you just pull out the old one and click in a new pod and get puffing. Used pods can then be thrown into the recycling bin.

Within the soft touch shell is a 500mAh rechargeable battery that utilises fast Type-C charging, with the charging port located at the bottom of the device, and you get roughly 600 puffs per charge.

2. Caliburn G2 by Uwell

We couldn’t leave this one off the list - the Caliburn - the original design by Uwell was one of the first pod kits to hit the market back in 2019 and arguably set the standard for mouth-to-lung pod kits from then on. The latest iteration, the Caliburn G2, has a reputation as one of the best-performing pod kits on the market today.

A simple design that works, the Caliburn G2’s slimline chassis contains a 750mAh rechargeable battery and delivers a stable 18W of fixed power. The 2ml capacity pods use coils that you simply insert into the bottom of the pod and pull out when they need changing. The Pro-FOCS mesh design of the coils ensures a premium taste from your favourite bottle of nic salts. Refilling is easily achieved by removing the tapered mouthpiece for access to the filling port.

You get fully adjustable airflow that lets you customise your draw from tight to loose depending on your style. Just puff on the Caliburn G2 to activate it or press the fire button if you’d like more control of your vape.

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3. Xros 3 Mini by Vaporesso

The XROS 3 Mini has all the perks, a powerful 1000mAh rechargeable battery to easily see you through the day, adjustable airflow, LED lighting to track your battery charge and easy top refilling in a compact and durable device that will hide in the palm of your hand - and of course, it’s inhale activated.

You get more versatility from the wide range of integrated coil pods offering you a tight MTL vape with the 1.0ohm pod, that will replicate the sensation of smoking, all the way to a very loose and airy 0.6ohm coil. The unique Corex Heating Tech of the Morph mesh coils delivers a superb flavour in a smooth and consistent vape.

The pods are SSS leak resistant and you just flip them around to adjust the airflow. When you need to top up, simply clip the comfortable mouthpiece off to gain access to the top-filling port.

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4. dotPod Nano Pod Kit by Dotmod

Smart and stylish, the dotPod Nano by Dotmod showcases an ultra-compact and minimalist design that is super easy to use with a side refilling port on the fixed coil pod and an 800mAh rechargeable battery with Type-C charging.

This is a straightforward kit that features a professional-looking zinc alloy and textured leather finish and is highly portable and even comes with its own lanyard for on-the-go quick access.

You have the option of a 1.0ohm fixed coil pod for a cigarette-like draw or a 0.8ohm pod that delivers an airy vape with a slightly bigger cloud. The mesh coil design delivers rich flavours and pairs exceptionally well with nic salts or 50-50 freebase e-liquids.

5. Solus G Pod Kit by SMOK

The SMOK Solus G is a simple design that works really well. Its compact pen shape fits easily into your pocket and comes with a 700mAh rechargeable battery and 2ml refillable built-in coil pods.

An ideal kit for beginners, the Solus G pods are see-through, so you can keep an eye on your e-liquid levels and to fill up you just lift a silicone stopper on the side. A 0.9ohm mesh coil delivers rich flavour and works perfectly with the latest Bar Salts.

The Smok Solus G works just like a disposable with the benefit that you can recharge and refill it to your heart's content.

6. Doric 20 SE Pod Kit by VooPoo

If you are worried about running out of battery power then take a look at the Doric 20 SE Pod Kit by VooPoo. This slimline pod kit contains a whopping 1200mAh battery that puts out up to 18W of power and can comfortably see you through the day and into the next.

The elegant aluminium shell features an anti-wear design that looks smart and is comfortable to hold while the pod features a round mouthpiece and when coupled with the inhale activation and 1.0ohm coil will feel just like smoking.

VooPoo’s ITO pod cartridge design features anti-leakage structuring and a long lifespan 1.0ohm mesh coil that delivers excellent flavour. The pods are easily refilled by lifting a silicone stopper on the side of the pod.

For your peace of mind, the Doric 20 SE is equipped with the GENE.AI chipset that features 6 safety protections.

7. Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit by Lost Vape

The ultra-modern and pocket-friendly Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit by Lost Vape has all the bells and whistles. A powerful 900mAh battery delivers 25W of adjustable power with refillable pods and delivers a mouth-to-lung style vape with inhale activation that mimics the sensation of smoking or using a disposable.

A highlight of the Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit is the 0.42” OLED screen that shows you the charge of your battery but also has a puff counter so you can see how much more value you are getting out of your 10ml nic salt e-liquids.

Use the fire button to cycle between 5-25W of power and along with the adjustable airflow slider, you can really fine-tune your vape to get the kind of draw you want.

8. Caliburn A3 Pod Kit by Uwell

Another entry from the famed Caliburn series, the Caliburn A3 by Uwell is simplicity itself. A discrete on-the-go pod kit that feels just like a disposable, showcasing a rechargeable 520mAh battery with 13W of fixed power and a refillable 1.0ohm mesh coil pod.

The coils are fixed into the top filling pod so there is no need to worry about changing coils, when the pod is done you simply replace it with a new one. The Pro-FOCS flavour technology of the coils will ensure rich and full flavour from your favourite nic salt.

There is a large window that lets you keep an eye on your e-liquid levels and two activation modes. Use inhale activation or press the fire button for more control, while fast Type-C charging will have you up and running in no time.

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9. Argus P1 Pod Kit by VooPoo

With its see-through modern design and ultra-compact form factor, the Argus P1 is a highly portable and attractive-looking pod kit that embraces fill-and-go portability with buttonless inhale activation in a durable zinc alloy and polycarbonate body.

The easy-side refill pods are transparent and have a fixed coil design and multi-layer leak-proof technology with mesh coils that will bring out the best flavour from your 10ml Bar Salts. Adjustable airflow adds a welcome level of customisation so you can get exactly the type of draw you want.

Keep downtime to a minimum with the 800mAh and rapid recharging with the 15W Power Delivery fast charging Type-C cable.

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10. Novo 2C Pod Kit by SMOK

The Novo 2C is a low-maintenance refillable pod kit that is an effortless step up from disposables. This stylish kit is extremely compact while still carrying an 800mAh rechargeable battery that delivers a consistent mouth-to-lung style vape that feels just like smoking or using a disposable.

Lift off the ergonomic mouthpiece to easily fill the pod with e-liquid and away you go. There are no buttons just inhale to activate the kit. The pods are leakproof and childproof and click snugly into the Novo 2C device.

The SMOK Novo 2c is made of highly durable zinc alloy making it ideal for travel while a handy lanyard adds an additional level of portability to this pocket-friendly kit. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

And there you have it, once you’ve decided which refillable pod kit is right for you, head over to our article on the Best Bar Salts of 2023 to get the low down on all the best disposable-like flavours for your refillable pod kit or browse our extensive collection of e-liquids and take advantage of our multi-buy deals.

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