Best Inhale-Activated Pod Kits

Best Inhale-Activated Pod Kits

“Just like a disposable”, Inhale activated kits have streamlined the experience of vaping by allowing the user to simply take a puff to begin without the need to fiddle around with any buttons. Disposable vapes had a massive boom due to this convenient feature which has quickly become a beloved addition to mouth-to-lung style kits.

Inhale-activated pod kits when paired with nicotine salts are akin to disposables, if not better. With a vaster range of flavours & more customised features, you can expect a smooth, tailored hit of nicotine satisfaction.

With portability and convenience being highly prioritised as well as tailored airflow control and on-the-go refilling methods, pod kits are the way to go.

Tired of spending all your fortune on disposables that run out after a day or sometimes even a few hours? Worried about the disposable ban? Inhale Activate pod kits are the perfect replacement to upgrade your vaping game.

To make your life easier, we have collated a ranking of the top ten inhale activated pod kits. We have carefully curated and finally narrowed it down to what we think are the best of the best.

Let's dive in.


#1 IVG 2400 Disposable Vape
#2 XROS 4 Pod Kit by Vaporesso
#3 Tappo Pod Kit by Lost Mary
#4 Elf Bar EB1200 Pod Kit
#5 Xlim Go Pod Kit by OXVA
#6 Argus G2 Pod Kit by VooPoo
#7 Caliburn G3 Pod Kit by Uwell
#8 Ursa Baby 2 Pod Kit by Lost Vape
#9 Gotek X II Pod Kit by Aspire
#10 Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit

1. IVG 2400 Disposable Vape


Are you tired of throwing your 600-puff disposable away after a day? Well, look no further.

Introducing the IVG 2400 weighing in at 85g, this beastly 4-in-1 inhale-activated disposable vape easily takes the belt here for me. The first of its kind, where a disposable vape has four flavours to choose from. Fancy a Hazel Espresso in the morning and by lunch a Caramel Coffee? Go ahead, twist away. This 4-in-1 kit features a rotating pod system, home to 4 x TPD-compliant 2ml pods, each filled with 20mg of only the best IVG juice, which we all know and love, right? Delivering up to 2,400 puffs, the IVG 2400 knocks 600 puff disposables out of the park.

The IVG 2400 continues beyond puffs by delivering over 48 flavours to choose from, you can be sure to find a flavour well suited to your individual needs. From the Summer Edition bar to the Coffee Edition, IVG have covered all bases on their end. If you thought it ended there with the positives, we are only touching the surface. The performance is then complimented with a simplistic compact design that will have you in utter amazement.

Within this beast, sits a 1750mAh non-rechargeable battery, way more than enough battery power to plunge through all the pods, till your heart is truly content.



2. XROS 4 Pod Kit by Vaporesso


An honourable mention has to be Vaporesso’s new addition to their ever-growing XROS line, the XROS 4 has taken the levels up a notch. The XROS 4 has been released alongside a new range of XROS Pods - the Corex 2.0 edition. You haven't tried supreme flavour until you have tried these pods in the 4th edition XROS kit. Utilising improved Corex Mesh Technology, the flavour is immense, to say the least.

For those making the switch from disposables to a reusable kit, the XROS 4 is a fantastic recommendation as disposables are often opted for due to their great flavour production, thats where the XROS 4 comes in and fills that gap. Believe me, I have tried many pod kits that often don’t meet the flavour standard in comparison to single-use bars but I can assure you that the XROS 4 is just like picking up your favourite disposable bar.

Powered by a 1000mAh battery, the XROS 4 for the first time offers three power modes allowing you to further customise your vaping experience. For me, this is an excellent addition to the XROS family. One fixed power mode never really made sense to me because our needs are constantly changing that’s where Strong, Stronger and Strongest power options step in to help us to get our acquired fix at all parts of the day.

This kit just looks great too, with an all-aluminium alloy unibody design and a choice of 10 dazzling colours, the XROS 4 is the ideal kit for those who value design and aesthetics, I for sure do and always feel super cool when whipping out the XROS 4.



3. Tappo Pod Kit by Lost Mary


I couldn't create this list without mentioning the Tappo Pod Kit. Undoubtedly this is one of our best-selling prefilled pod kits. This kit comes in a choice of 4 eye-catching colours, each colour correlates to a different flavour pod. If you are a lover of Lost Mary BM600 bars, you will appreciate what the Tappo Kit has done here. Experience the best of Lost Mary flavours but in a rechargeable, reusable kit that is better for the environment and your pocket.

The Tappo Pod Kit looks just like a single-use Lost Mary BM600, a discrete and compact hand-held beauty that has influenced a wide array of similar-shaped bars that have followed. This kit features a 750mAh rechargeable battery which is great for such a small-sized kit, this makes the kit ideal for those looking for disposable flavours that will last longer than a single bar normally would. The battery is charged via a Type-C cable which means less downtime and more vaping.

Integrated within each pod is a QUAQ Mesh Coil that prides itself on delivering exceptional flavour seamlessly and consistently from the start to the end of each pod. I can vouch that my tastebuds didn’t stop doing the macarena.

The benefits luckily don't end there. The Tappo Pods are also cross-compatible with ELFA/ELFA Pro Pod Kits and Pods. No need to chuck away your previous pod kit or spare pods. The Tappo Pod Kit just doesn't miss!



4. Elf Bar EB1200 Pod Kit


The 1200 Pod Kit had to make it to this list, one of my favourite Elf Bar releases to date for sure. This kit features a dual pod system that houses 20mg nicotine salt of some of the best Elf Bar flavours we all adore as well as some new additions. This is an ideal kit for travel and outdoor activities, featuring a rechargeable 650mAh battery that is charged via Type-C.

For just £6.95, you get the device and two prefilled pods, which are 600 puffs, equivalent to two disposable bars! If you were not sold yet I'm sure the affordability factor will persuade you as it did me.

The standout feature for me has to be that you can switch up the flavour whenever you choose. Fancy a Tobacco flavour with your morning coffee and a Pink Lemonade when you’re out for drinks with just a simple rotation of the pod? Sure thing! The EB1200 covers too many areas for it not to be on this list.



5. Xlim Go Pod Kit by OXVA


We’ve reached the middle of the list and there wouldn't be a better kit to mention than the Xlim Go Pod Kit by OXVA. The Xlim Go Pod Kit by OXVA is a kit often acknowledged for its mega flavour production, using pods that have a built-in mesh coil, this makes a lot of sense. The vapour production is seamless, smooth and extremely flavoursome in comparison to some of its competitors on the market.

Housing a 1,000mAh battery with a body that measures 113.7 x 26 x 14.6mm, the Xlim Go kit is an aesthetically pleasing device that makes this the best bit of the tech to have as it ticks a lot of the boxes all types of vapers will be looking for. Provided is a pre-installed V3 0.8ohm that is perfect for users looking for the epitome of MTL vaping.

The Xlim Go Kit is great for those switching over from disposables to reusable kits. Inhale activation, integrated mesh coils, and compatibility with nic salt make the transition as seamless as possible.



6. Argus G2 Pod Kit by VooPooDoric 20 SE Pod Kit by VooPoo

Introducing the Argus G2, the upgraded version of its predecessor the Argus G, this kit has worked on all its imperfections seen previously with some great new additions in tow, let's get into it. This kit features a whopping battery life of 1,000mAh which is considerably great for such a handy pod device. If you’re in the market for a pod kit that will last several hours, the Argus G2 may just be the kit for you.

This pod kit is so easy to use and navigate, it uses a dual-operated activation mode leaving it down to the user to decide whether you would like to inhale to activate or press the button. Alongside this, the G2 has an adjustable sliding airflow mechanism meaning you can tailor your draw exactly how you would like it.

Equipped with a standout 0.96" colour TFT display the Argus G2 shakes things up a touch. With three new integrated power modes to choose from, they can easily be flicked through on a screen that is pleasing to the eye.


7. Caliburn G3 Pod Kit by Uwell

The Caliburn G3 Pod Kit by Uwell is the latest release from the G series, a revised, reworked edition that is nothing less than phenomenal. The G3 has quite quickly become one of the most sought-after pod kits on the market.

Featuring a whopping 900mAh battery life and adjustable wattage of 5-25W, this successor has enabled users to get the most from their pod kit with hours of usage and the ability to adjust their power, there is no shadow of doubt about the many improvements when it comes to its predecessors. The G3 also uses new pods that were released alongside the kit - Caliburn G3 Replacement Pods by Uwell.

Unlike the G2, the G3 pods have integrated coils - which means no more messy coil changes! Available in 0.6ohms or 0.9ohm the coils are mesh and use Pro-FOCS technology - delivering a volume of flavour you wouldn’t believe! To refill these pods, all you have to do is snap off the mouthpiece and insert the nozzle of your favourite e-liquid into the filling point.

If you weren't blown away by the above, the Caliburn G3 also features an adjustable airflow, by simply removing the pod from the kit and rotating it you will have the choice between a loose or tight vaping experience in seconds. To activate the kit the G3 provides duality with the choice of either inhale or button activation. Purchase yours today, you won’t be disappointed.



8. Ursa Baby 2 Pod Kit by Lost Vape


The Ursa Baby 2 Pod Kit by Lost Vape features a retro design in homage to a classic video game. This kit deserves a spot on the list simply because of its design, surely? With over 9 nostalgic designs to choose from!

Now let’s delve into its performance. With an integrated battery of 900mAh, this small, state-of-the-art kit outperforms its competitors by far, for such a small device the hours of usage are sublime. Powering up to 22W of fixed power and using refillable pods, this pod kit is a mouth-to-lung user's dream.

A standout feature of this kit has to be the 1.3" backlit panel - this lights up to indicate the remaining charge, which further adds to the retro styling of the kit. Last but not least this nostalgic device has a built-in Quest Chip by Lost Vape that allows the user to activate the kit from a simple puff! Could it get any better than that?



9. Gotek X II Pod Kit by Aspire

The Gotek X II Pod Kit by Aspire is the latest release from the Aspire Gotek range, honing in on and perfecting their best-selling Gotek X Pod Kit, this outstanding kit is everything you could dream a pod kit to be. Encased in transparent PVC that reveals the inner workings of the kit and fitted with a stylish aluminium frame, the Gotek X II is a marvel to behold and vape from. This device is powered by an 800mAh battery with an output range of 1–19W. Included within the kit is a 0.6ohm Aspire Gotek Refillable 2ml pod that is great for users wanting a slightly looser draw.

The Gotek pods are side refilling and have an integrated mesh coil - ensuring rich and consistent flavour throughout the entire lifespan.

Using inhale activation, this great kit is as simple to use as your favourite disposable - just less expensive and more economical! Simply puff to begin vaping, the Gotek X II is made with the beginner in mind. Fitted with a Type-C port, this device can be quickly charged back up in no time - meaning less downtime & more vaping!


10. Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit


The Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit couldn’t be left off the list, using the same great flavours as the Gold Bar 600, the reload kit is set to fly off the shelves and I can understand why! Housed within this elegantly sized pen is a 500mAh battery that will last several hours of usage before needing to be recharged. With an average of 600 puffs per 2ml pod & 12 flavour replacement pods to choose from, this outstanding prefilled pod kit is a strong contender to its competitors.

The replacement pods can be purchased separately and are sold in packs of two - offering 1200 puffs per pack! Save your pennies this time round without sacrificing the same great flavour of your favourite disposable.

To begin vaping all you need to do is take a puff from the device and off you go to satisfy those pesky nicotine cravings. Finished with the same great design as the Gold Bar 600, this prefilled pod kit blends convenience with luxury detailing effortlessly!



And there you have it, once you’ve decided which refillable pod kit is right for you, head over to our article on the Best Bar Salts of 2023 to get the low down on all the best disposable-like flavours for your refillable pod kit or browse our extensive collection of e-liquids and take advantage of our multi-buy deals.

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