How Much Does Vaping Cost Compared To Smoking?

How Much Does Vaping Cost Compared To Smoking?

Did you know that the average smoker in the UK will spend about £2,420 per year on their habit? (1) To put that into perspective, the average annual energy bill for a 2-3 person household is £1,835.(2)

Whilst a lot of the focus around swapping cigarettes for vapes is centred on the numerous health benefits, there are also big financial gains to be had when you make the switch.

But how much does vaping cost and how much money are you really saving when compared to smoking? In this article, we are going to break down the cost of vaping over a year, compare it to cigarette prices and show you how you can spend up to 3 times less when you switch to vaping.


How Much Does Vaping Cost a Year?

You can expect to spend around £667 pounds in your first year of vaping, which is over 70% less than smoking. A decent starter vape kit can set you back anywhere between £10 to £20, but this is a one off purchase and after your kit your biggest upkeep costs will be coils and e-liquids.

A refillable pod kit uses coils to vaporise the e-liquid and they typically last between 1-2 weeks, depending on your use. This works out to approximately £11 a month or £132 per year.

How much e-liquid you use will depend on your daily routine and your nicotine strength. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid costs around £3- £4 and can deliver up to 3000 puffs per bottle. On average three 10ml bottles should last you a week. You can add further savings with a multi-buy deal and get three e-liquids for £10. You'll spend about £520 a year on e-liquid.


Cost of Vaping Example

Here is an average breakdown:


Average Monthly Cost of Vaping: £56
Average Annual Cost of Vaping: £672

What is the Cost of a Refillable Vape Kit?

We'll use an example of how much a refillable vape would cost using one of Vape Superstore's best selling starter kits, the Vaporesso XROS Mini:


How Much Do Disposable Vapes Cost?

Disposable vapes are over 50% cheaper than smoking and a fantastic option for beginners as they have no learning curve.

Whilst not nearly as economical as a refillable vape kit, disposable vapes still offer huge savings when compared to tobacco.

A disposable will set you back about £4.95 for a device that delivers 600 puffs which should last you between 1-2 days, depending on use. Our multi-buy 5 for £20 disposables deal at Vape Superstore can save you a further 19%

Assuming you use one every two days, the cost of using disposables is:

  • £20 per week
  • £87 per month
  • £1,040 per year


The Cost of Vaping vs Smoking

A graph showing the cost of Vaping vs Smoking

 Switching to vaping could see you spending up to 3 times less per year.



A refillable pod kit works out at £1,753 cheaper per year than a 10-a-day smoking habit.

Such a substantial saving like that can, along with the health benefits, provide a tangible motivation to help you make the switch to vaping.

The Cost of Cigarettes in the UK

A graph showing the increase in cigarette prices from 2002 to 2023

Cigarette prices in the UK have gone up a colossal 176% from £5.33 in 2007 to an average cost of £14.57 (3), and rolling tobacco now averages at £10.54 per 30g pouch.

Cost of Tobacco in the UK 2023

    Cigarettes (10 a day)

  • £51 per week
  • £221 per month
  • £2,652 per year

    Cigarettes (20 a day)

  • £102 per week
  • £442 per month
  • £5,303 per year

    Rolling Tobacco

  • £961 per year (10 a day)
  • £1,922 per year (20 a day)

Our Vaping Starter Kit Recommendations

You can save even more with Vape Superstore's bundle deals, grab a full setup and save up to 25%!


Switching to vaping is vastly cheaper than smoking and the financial savings you make can be an excellent motivator to help you quit. Whilst disposable vapes offer an easy way for beginners to start vaping, a refillable pod kit is is worth the investment if you are committed to leaving tobacco behind for good.

Don't be put off by the maintenance side of owning a refillable pod kit. Their user-friendly designs make them virtually as easy to use as a disposable and they will net you the biggest cost savings by far.


If you are new to vaping, our Ultimate Beginner Vaping Guide will walk you through what vaping has to offer and help you find the perfect setup, and our comprehensive guides section will answer any other questions you may have.


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