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Top Pod Kits - Finding Your Favourite

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Posted at 5:00 • 01 Sep • Tech

2017 predictions were right. Pod Mods are the biggest thing to hit vaping in 2018. If you thought the industry was trying to piggyback off podcasts and the iPod, think again.

  •  More juices and perfect pairings, like The Guv'nor chocolate and nut undertones, or Les Drus pistachio creme brulee.
  • Bigger clouds and epic flavour, like you'll get from the SMOK Alien or squish-to-use Squonk Mods.

Most of all though, vapers want convenience. On-the-go, all-in-one devices that are lightweight, discreet, refillable or disposable and still give sensational performance. We'll be using this post to give you the full lowdown on what Pod Mods are, why they're so popular, and which one is best for you.


Pod kits are all-in-one electronic vaping devices that are super-compact, easy-to-use, and way more powerful than the disposable e-cigs (that kind of bombed because they just didn't deliver). Unlike standard vapes, which come with a fire button, most pod kits replicate the smoking experience- you draw from the mouthpiece. With batteries running in the range of 150mAh to 1000mAh, that's a whole lot of power. A slight nod to Nespresso here, because:

  • Pre-filled or blank pods that you just "pop in"? Check
  • Ready-prepped coils? Check
  • Disposable? Check

You literally pop the pod into the battery slot and you're set. The device is small and so is the powerful battery running it. The tank, coil and wick setup might mimic bulkier mods, but the whole point is to do away with the fuss for a hassle-free experience that's big on performance and little on price.

With pod kids, you can choose from "open" or "closed" systems. In a nutshell, open systems allow the user to self-fill with e-liquids. Closed systems come ready-filled and are more hassle-free.


Collaborations aren't just for Beyonce and Ed Sheeran. Two of the industry’s biggest heavyweights, Aspire and Element joined forces to design this nifty little number for an excellent DTL (direct to lung) or MTL (mouth to lung) experience. The result? A click-in pod that takes just five minutes for juice soaking, but gives a lifetime worth of throat hit, plus flavours that include strawberry whip, pink lemonade and honey nut tobacco.


  • Takes Element NS 20 nicotine salt-based pods (for more on Nic Salts, read this)
  • Pods wicked with Japanese cotton and TPD-compliant 2ml capacity
  • Dimensions: 22mm x 47.5mm x 60 mm
  • 900 mAh built-in LiPo battery for mammoth power
  • Micro-USB charging and a 17-Watts power output
  • Two drip tips included
  • LED light, 10-second cut off and short-circuit, over-discharge and over-heat protection

Why it's loved: Aspire Gusto Mini lovers are grabbing these for the sheer power within a small-sized device, plus the Element e-liquids they know and love. It's also really easy to use: click five times to turn on and the LED display lets you know what's going on. The battery also generally lasts throughout the day. A stellar starter kit, or just a great back-up for box mod owners wanting something on-the-go.  

Sold out

Remember when style and substance was a "one or the other" kind of deal? Enter the Suorin Drop. This teardrop-shaped kit is fun, but these folks weren't going to compromise on functionality. This one made a splash from Day 1, thanks to a tight draw for epic MTL vaping and hey! It fits right in your pocket. You're looking at quality here, so you'll feel the 65g weight (with pod), but most users feel they're getting everything it offers, including the real "button" function, leak-resistant and spit-back free pods. Plus, the plugs are seriously secure.


  • Can vape two juices at once with 2ml capacity, leak-proof pods
  • Top-notch MTL draw and pass-thru design
  • Dimensions: 73mm x 49mm x 12mm
  • 300mAh battery and 45 minute charging time
  • Sleek, flattened teardrop design
  • Micro-USB charging, plus air switch for easy vaping and operation

Why it's loved: The stylish look comes in black, yellow, red, Tiffany Blue and Brushed Gunmetal. You're looking at dense flavour, kissing goodbye to leaking and hello to a short break-in for coils. For a great MTL draw, you'll struggle to find something better-priced, plus - just look at it. It's beautiful.  

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This is the kind of simplicity that puts IKEA to shame. It's hard to believe you'll be getting a powerful nicotine hit from something you literally pull out the box, pop in a pod and.. Oh wait, that's it. The build is micro, but the feel is macro. 43.1g (adding 7.4g with the pod), it's smooth-edged and very much designed for the user. You're looking at an on/off button, plus LED indication of white (above 70% battery), yellow (30-70%) and red (below 30%).


  • Simple flavour profiles, like rich and sweet tobacco, menthol or full fruitpods
  • Two 18mg cartridges included are perfect for transitioning smokers
  • Dimensions: 67mm x 34mm 15mm with smooth-rounded edges
  • 650mAh battery with handy LED remaining battery display
  • Snap-in, disposable pods with low liquid detection
  • Micro-USB charging and cable included (standard in all Pod kits)

Why it's loved: Anyone who relates to the phrase "ain't nobody got time for that" is loving the out-the-box experience. Vapers love the sturdy build, lightweight feel and 18mg nicotine pods that are equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes or 400 puffs. You shouldn't need your GCSE maths to figure out what you're saving with this kit.  

Sold out

Yes, a vape pen can be a Pod Mod. Impeccable design, here. Zinc alloy housing with a matte finish and a diamond-shaped body that feels natural in your hand. Refillable pods are snugly secured into place, and there's a handy eye-shaped window showing you exactly how much juice you've got left. You get a nice, warm MTL vape that hits without drawing hard. Wicks like a champ.


  • Convenient, stealth vape pen with innovative pod design
  • Fast, pass-thru charging in 25 minutes via Micro-USB
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 19.5mm x 11mm and 22g weight
  • 250mAh battery and needle-nose dropper bottle
  • Two refillable pods included, working up to 70 VG

Why it's loved: Vape pen design that gives the pod kit experience. Decent flavour from the SMOK brand that's already loved for its larger box mods. None of that plastic- you're looking at quality zinc alloy and colour ranges that include Gun Metal, red and blue.  

Sold out

Blu's version of the popular MyVon Erl means unique Blu flavours, and this company wins on entry-level audiences. This closed system vape pen pod gives you a stealth vape pen experience with just 22g of weight. The pods snap in comfortably into U-shaped sections for an easy insert, plus there's a really satisfying "click". A thin, flat, pen-sized design automates the atomiser when you inhale through the mouthpiece. For such a small device, it's a serious front-runner.


  • Wide range of nicotine strengths and flavour options
  • Micro-USB charge in under 25 minutes
  • Dimensions: 18mmx 106mm and a 350mAh battery
  • Automatic draw that's great for MTL vaping
  • Super portable, sturdy and very beginner-friendly

Why it's loved: Beginner-friendly thanks to the pod style. It's got a cigalike feel, but offers great power, plus an LED display switching from blue to orange as the battery depletes. No dry or burn hits, impressive vapour for an itsy bitsy device and a tight, cigarette-like draw that makes it perfect for transitioning smokers. Multiple flavours and varied strengths available, including Mango Apricot, Green Apple and Tobacco.

Sold out

Amazingly, no, not the sweet. This one's been coined "the upside-down Suorin Drop", and you only need to look at it to see why. With a rubberised police badge front, it's definitely got a sense of humour, but vapers are digging the quality here. At 62g, it's heavier that the others, but that's 62g of quality zinc alloy, an anodized finish and wider pods (although they hold the same amount of juice). Two refill plugs, plus magnetic pods that make a change from manual clicking into place. It works with thick or thin juices, giving a solid MTL experience without any dry hits.


  • Funky, upside-down teardrop design with quality zinc alloy structuring
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity compatible with a range of VG/PG ratios
  • Dimensions: 73.3mm x 50mm x 12mm
  • 250mAh battery with red and white battery status LED light
  • Fabulous throat hit that's not too harsh and gives great flavour

Why it's loved: Design enthusiasts love that they've finally found a stylish vape that still delivers. Police badge design is pretty good for flashing if anyone comes up to you and accuses you of smoking. Like all pod kits that you can carry in your pocket, it's also got full safety features and Micro-USB charging. Expect 10 mins max for e-liquids to soak.

Sold out

If anything says "plug and play", it's the Mi-Pod. Refillable pods make this model popular with vapers wanting more e-liquid variety, but the mechanism stays simple. Fill the pod, plug it in and vape away. Most of all, it's loved for its miniscule size. You've got a range of colours and styles, including the Gold Metallic edition- this one is covered in thin metal plates (basically a fingerprint magnet). The Mi-Pod "M" logo serves as your signalling window for juice, and vapers actually find that the rubber seal not coming out helps with not losing it.


  • Pocketable, refillable vape with three collections (metal, digital and exclusive)
  • Two refillable pods and a micro design that's ideal for when you're on-the-go
  • Dimensions: 51mm x 13.5mm x 60mm and just under 45g weight
  • 950mAh battery for great performance
  • DL or MTL vaping compatible with a simple draw mouthpiece
  • Micro-USB pass-thru charging

Why it's loved: Something sturdy and shiny to hold in your hand that really delivers. The two included pods can last you around two days, and you get solid vapour for a 1.0-ohm coil. It's especially loved for the old-school embellished case, plus you can use it with nic salts.

Sold out

Yes, there's a lot to choose from. No, you don't have to make the decision on your own. Pop in to one of our stores, get in touch, and check out our previous blog posts. Of course, to bag yourself a bargain, there's always our sale.

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