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Vape Hacks

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There’s a lot to learn about vaping once you get started, especially when you move into Sub Ohm vaping. Mods, bigger atomisers, heavy duty coils, more e-liquid flavours, variable wattage and bigger batteries. With more options open to you, there are ways in which you can improve your vaping experience to get the absolute most out of it. Whether it’s fixing a problem of a leaky tank or getting more life and flavour out of your coils, there are plenty of ways to hack your device.


An unfortunate phenomenon of vaping (especially when you find your all day vape) is sometimes you all of a sudden can’t taste it so much anymore. The coil is fresh, your wattage is the same as it usually is but you’re just not getting the usual results. The reason is your taste buds have gotten used to a certain flavour and can’t pick up on it so much. Sometimes upping the wattage will help a little (if your coil allows for that). Otherwise, taking a break even for a day or two and using a different juice can help. Stronger flavours like menthol are good for cutting through vape mouth. Or, if you really can’t be parted with your favourite, try cleansing your palette by drinking some coffee or something sour like water with lemon juice in it.

Sometimes though, it’s just that your mouth is getting a little dry. Make sure you drink lots of water if you vape a lot as propylene glycol in vape juice absorbs water, meaning your mouth gets dry after a while. A dry mouth can’t taste as well as when you’re hydrated, so drink up.


Premade coils will come with different levels of cotton wicking inside them, some thicker or more tightly packed than others which means they sometimes can’t absorb liquid fast enough. There are two ways to help solve this. The first is to just take slightly shorter or less frequent puffs - no more chain vaping. If you’ve tried this and even priming your coil sufficiently isn’t helping, try the next step. Just get a thin needle and poke a few small holes in the wicking material of your coil. Not too many or you might end up with leaking issues but a few small ones in each section of the cotton will allow your e-liquid to saturate more quickly. You’ll be able to vape more comfortably with the added bonus of getting more life out of your coil heads.


Sometimes you’ll get a little juice on the coil when you refill which can leave you with unpleasant, hot droplets of juice in your mouth when you vape after refilling. If you’ve already tried upping the wattage a bit and that doesn’t change anything you can try burning the juice off the coil. If you have a device with bottom airflow, just press the firing button for a second or two and blow through the air vent. This will clear off any juice sitting on the coil and give you the best vaping experience, a smooth inhale and those thick clouds you’re looking for. This trick also works to get the last of an old flavour out of a coil if you’ve refilled with something new and don’t want to change the coil yet.


This is usually one of two things, either the coil connection or using too high a PG juice. Sub Ohm tanks in particular benefit from higher VG juice as it’s more viscous so won’t leak through air vents so easily. If you’ve moved to a higher power device but are still using the same liquid it might be worth looking into a thicker juice. Alternatively, tanks with bottom airflow slots can experience leaks and end up getting juice on your mod or battery. Check your coil isn’t burnt out first, they’re more likely to leak when they’re getting a bit old and can’t wick as effectively. The other thing is if your coil isn’t sufficiently screwed in it can mean it’s less air tight and can drip out in the space between your tank and airflow. You may also want to close down your airflow when you refill to create a vacuum, then open it again when you want to vape. Also making sure not to overfill your tank means you’ll experience less leaking issues as when you replace the cap, it increases air pressure inside your atomiser which can force it out of the air vents. A few other basic things like keeping your tank upright so it can’t drip out the side helps, as does checking the seals on the vape itself (most kits come with spare seals too).


There are a few options you can look at here. The first one is super simple and be applied to a variety of atomisers and that’s expanders and bubble glass. From the ever-popular Aspire Cleito and a number of SMOK tanks, you can get glass cylinders that make your tank a higher capacity. Under TPD you can only buy tanks that are 2mls or smaller, however some glass bubbles can more than double that.

The other option is look into squonking. These mods typically require a bottom feeding RDA with a coil you build yourself. However, the extra effort can be worth it as your squonk bottle, used to hold e-liquid that you squeeze to re-saturate your wicking material, is often around the 7ml mark. They’re an ideal option for on the go vaping, removing the need for carrying extra juice with you.


Unlike Sub Ohm tanks, unfortunately you can’t get expanders for pods. However, if you have a closed pod system, sometimes you can get a little more life out of them by hacking them and refilling with more juice. Most pods will have a little rubber bung which, if you do it carefully, can be removed and allow you to top the juice up again. The Aspire Gusto and its pods are a good option for this, just pop a fine needle into the bung far just enough so you can remove it (without punching a hole right through it) and carefully pour in your liquid. Make sure you use one that has the same PG/VG ratio as the original juice so you don’t experience any leaking or issues vaping. Then, pop the bung back in. You should be able to get a few refills out of it, depending on your use and the longevity of the coil in the pod.


There are a few things that come into play here. Short of buying a new battery there are a few things to look at to help maximise your battery life span. First of all, have a look at your coil resistance. Often, tanks will be compatible with a number of coil resistances so look for one that doesn’t require as high a wattage output to perform at its best. Next thing to look at is your mod settings - if there are LED lights purely there for aesthetic purposes, switching them off will help conserve some power. Turning down the brightness of your display is another way to conserve those precious batteries (no one likes running out of power on a night out). Aside from these fixes, simple things like carrying a spare battery or two in an insulated case or a portable power pack if you have a vape with pass through charging is another option. contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

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