6 Reasons why your vape device is leaking. (How to Fix and Prevent It)

Leaking vapes are an inevitable reality of vaping and can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention wasteful. Why is this happening? How can you fix it and how can you prevent it from happening again? This article will answer all your questions and provide tips and guidance on what to do and how to prevent this from happening in the future.

How to fix a leaking vape device

  • Remove the pod or tank from the device

  • Wrap your tank or pod in towelling paper and blow into the mouthpiece to force out any excess liquid in the coil chamber

  • Wipe up excess liquid in the chamber with towelling paper

  • Let the device cool down

  • Check if the coil is fitted correctly or needs replacing

  • Make sure that you don’t overfill.

Reasons why my vape device is leaking

1. You may not be filling your tank properly.

Every vape pod or tank has a max fill level which, if exceeded, may cause the e-liquid to leak out. In fact, leaving a slight gap of air creates a vacuum which helps to keep the liquid in place.

Another common mistake is squeezing your e-liquid into the central airflow channel. The central chimney of the coil extends into the mouthpiece and forms the airway for your vapour, if you fill this section with liquid it will run straight through the coil and out the bottom airflow ports in your tank.

The fill ports will be located adjacent to the central airflow. Tilt your tank to a 45deg angle and fill up to the max level line.

Vape pod max fill line
Don’t over fill, the max fill line is just below the mouth piece.

2. The coil may not be properly installed.

Most coils nowadays are plug-and-play so it's worth checking that the coil is aligned and pushed in snugly.

The coil itself has a silicone ring around it that forms part of the anti-leak design of the tank or pod so always make sure that it has been properly installed.

If you are using a screw-in coil, make sure that it is properly aligned before you screw it in, to avoid cross-threading, which will leave gaps for e-liquid to run out.

For glass tanks, make sure that all the components are fitted correctly and screwed on firmly, but not overly tight as this may damage the silicone seals.

Correct vape coil installation
The coil in the pod on the left has a flat edge that is aligined correctly, check your user manual for correct installation for coils in your kit.

3. The pod or tank may be damaged.

Glass tanks are prone to cracking from dropping or overtightening, it’s also worth unscrewing all the components and making sure that there is no damage to the silicone seals.

Refillable pod kits are more durable than sub-ohm tanks, but they can still get damaged if dropped so make sure that the pod is not cracked or damaged in any way.

4. You are using the wrong e-liquid for your coil.

Coils are designed to be used with either high PG or high VG e-liquids.

Direct-to-lung vape devices utilise a lot of power and the cotton in the coil is designed to absorb thicker e-liquid with a high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) content such as 70/30 shortfills.

They generally have low coil resistances of 0.6ohm to 0.15ohm, vaping between 25W to 200W.

Low-powered mouth-to-lung devices such as beginner pod kits and vape pens work best with thinner high PG (Propylene Glycol) blends such as 50:50 freebase and nic salts e-liquids.

They are fitted with denser cotton and operate in higher resistances of 0.7ohm to 1.5ohm and 5 to 25W of power.

Using a thin high PG e-liquid in a direct-to-lung vape kit will result in a leak either because the looser cotton couldn't hold the liquid or because it got too hot, causing the juice to become even runnier.

Whilst using a thicker high VG liquid with a high resistance coil can cause a build-up and damage the integrity of the coil.

Use high VG e-liquid with a sub-ohm kit and high PG freebase and nic salts with an MTL kit.

5. The coil may need to be changed.

Coils last between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on use. If a coil is burnt out, the cotton may no longer be able to retain the e-liquid in balance and it will leak through the coil.

If you notice a burnt taste or a discolouration of your e-liquid, changing your coil can provide a simple fix.

New vape coil and burnt vape coil
If the cotton in your coil darkens or there is a burnt taste, change your coil for a new one.

6. The device is getting too hot.

Make sure that you are using your coil within its recommended power range. This will usually be stamped on the coil or the box it came in.

Exceeding the wattage range of the coil will cause it to overheat your liquid and will reduce the coil's ability to keep your e-liquid where it should be as well as drastically reducing its lifespan.

Equally important is making sure that you take frequent breaks between your vaping sessions. Vaping non-stop or “chain vaping” can cause your device to overheat your e-liquid resulting in a leak or worse; a mouthful of hot vape juice.


Most pods and tanks are designed with a strong focus on being anti-leak, which, together with these steps will greatly reduce the likelihood of a leak. If you are experiencing a persistent issue with a device you purchased at Vape Superstore, please feel free to contact our support team who will be more than happy to assist.

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