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Make The Switch- It's Time To Give Up Smoking

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Why Give Up Smoking?

Hint. The cigarette pack warnings aren't there because the tobacco industry "couldn't think of anything to say". This one is kind of ironic. Most of us choose to buy stuff because
of what's on the packet. Sugar free? Low fat? Fast-charging?
GIVE ME ALL THE STUFF. Smokers are the most stubborn people on the planet. You'll be hard-pressed to find another population who will literally ignore something repeating over and over: "Hey! This stuff kills you! We don't have room to list all the cancers this will lead to, but don't do it!" Here's the problem. There's nothing funny about it.

Here are some hardcore stats about smoking. READING THEM IS IN YOUR INTEREST.

  • Smoking increases your chance of dying prematurely by 33.3% - Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the UK, accounting for around 100,000 deaths a year. They are not pleasant deaths. A single cigarette has over 7000 chemical compounds, hundreds of which are known to be harmful or cause cancer. (You might want to keep that figure in mind when we list the three ingredients in e-liquids.)
  • Cancer, cancer, cancer - Lung cancer isn't the only disease you're looking at from smoking. Throat, mouth, oesophagus, voice-box, kidney, bladder, cervix, pancreas, and even leukaemia are direct causes of smoking. 90% of lung cancers are from smoking.
  • Oh look, more diseases - If you think you're so bulletproof, remember that blindness, deafness, stroke, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) are also available for purchase. The last one is ghastly- those people you see in movies gasping for their final breaths? Yeah, that's COPD.
  • The damage is invisible - This one is arguably the worst. The damage from smoking works in the most evil way possible. 100% invisible (but 100% happening), it works its way into your DNA. The British Medical Journal recently showed that even a few cigarettes causes harm. Smoking isn't like dieting. You won't be "less affected" if you're just having a few a week.

Sorry, the list of horrific diseases isn't doing it for me. More reasons, please? 

  • Here's what happens when you quit - Within 12 hours, carbon monoxide in the blood drops to normal. Carbon monoxide, FYI, being the way people commit suicide in cars. After just 2 weeks of quitting, lung function begins to improve and the heart attack risk drops. By the 1-year mark, the risk of coronary heart disease will have dropped by 50%.
  • Saving cash - A 20-a-day habit will cost you an eye-watering £3000 a year. Kid yourself all you want, but that tenner you're withdrawing from the cashpoint adds up to thousands.
  • Noticed how you're "the only smoker? - We didn't want to put the word "loser" in bold- we do, after all know what it's like to be the smoker. But have you noticed how "popping out for a ciggie" has become a pretty solitary affair? That's because everyone's quit. Why? They read the above bullet points and actually took it seriously. Probably why they're vaping.
  • My stuff won't stink anymore - You might like the smell of cigarettes, but other people don't. They don't want their hallways, cars, coat racks, or bedrooms stinking of tobacco. The faint whiff of strawberry hibiscus or caramel coffee custard? That's more like it.

Quit while you still can.

Will Vaping Really Help Me Quit Smoking? (Yes)

A UK study recently showed that more than half of UK vapers have given up smoking. 2.9 million Brits are now vaping, and over 1.5 million are ex-smokers. While nicotine patches and gum are still alternatives, neither have proved anywhere near as successful as vaping. Why?

With vaping, you don't feel like you're quitting. You're replacing it with something better.

In 2017, the British Medical Journal published facts showing that e-cig users are more likely to quit smoking than via other methods. Vaping was linked to a "statistically significant increase in the smoking cessation rate". 53% of 2017 "Stoptober" smokers used e-cigarettes as a quitting aid. Probably why Vapril happened (and TV's Dr Christian Jessen endorsed it). The general feeling from medics and vapers is that the reasons are a combination of factors.

  • Vapers will still get their nicotine fix if they choose e-liquids with nicotine (which itself doesn't cause cancer). None of the other three ingredients in e-liquids (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavouring) have been proven to cause disease.
  • The "smoking feeling" of inhaling and exhaling isn't something you'll ever have to give up with vaping. The only thing you'll be giving up are the thousands of invisibly harmful toxins.
  • Quitting smoking comes with a psychological withdrawal - "the thing missing from my hand." Vapers still have something in their hand. The e-cig replaces the real one. 95% safer than smoking, cheaper, tastier and way cooler, it's a win-win.

How Do I Choose My First E-Cig?

Simple. You walk into a world of variety and choice, specifically designed for people like you. If you thought super-advanced mech mods and an advanced knowledge of physics are required, think again. The vaping industry may have evolved to offer cloud and flavour chasing, but the basics haven't changed.

Popular starting options include:

  • Starter Kits - Basically designed for the transitioning smoker who hasn't got a clue. These can be as cheap as £15 (free e-liquids included), and they're a great out-the-box option with virtually no setup.
  • Vape Pens - A hands-down favourite with stealth vapers, these offer a ciga-like experience with a draw mouthpiece (as opposed to fire-to-trigger buttons). They're slim, sleek, discreet, and very portable.
  • All-in-one Pod Mods - These are easier than fiddling the settings on an iPod. They come as a disposable, all-in-one device with pre-filled or refillable liquid pods. 
  • Box Mods- These require a bit more fiddling (i.e. changing coils and possibly using external batteries). Mammoth power, beastly clouds and intense flavour can make ex-smokers switch to the SMOK Alien or Innokin Cool Fire IV pretty quickly, though. The "regulated" word here refers to everything from full safety features to regulated wattage output. We even have a range of mini box mods, for something a little less bulky.

If you just don't know where to start, ask. We don't have five (soon to be seven) stores for nothing, and our experts are literally there to help you with everything from finding your perfect vape to figuring out your preferred e-liquids. Speaking of..

What E-Liquid Should I Choose?

Many transitioning smokers find themselves starting out with tobacco flavours. You can get straight-up tobacco, although these are most popular paired. The Guv'Nor throws in chocolate and nut, Piste Noir has an epic walnut plum edge, and you can really up the ante with Element's Tobacconist Absinthe. Ironically, with vaping, absinthe makes the heart grow fonder (in the best possible way).

What often happens, is that smokers will opt for tobacco and find themselves gravitating towards sweeter flavours. We see it all the time. Vapers who were stuck on tobacco are ditching it for the likes of pistachio creme brulee or the epic Dinner Lady range.

They can also be insane kinds of cheap with Short Fills- these offer a larger-sized bottle that's still within legal regulations. More juice and lower price, plus a free nic shot. From frosted vanilla cornflakes (and a zillion other kinds of cereal) to sophisticated grape, tonic and cucumber, you're walking into flavour heaven. 

Smoking kills. Vaping saves lives. Make the switch.

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