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Top 10 Short Fill E-Liquids

Posted by Ed Swain on


E-Liquids | 6 Min Read

Written By: Ed Swain

So, you’ve made it through both Christmas and New Year, and you’re back at the grind-stone. The post-festive blues have well and truly set in and you now long for the next break with your friends and family, or simply a chance to sit back, relax and treat yourself – well, look no further and put a spring in your step with the Vape Superstore.


  1. Electric Dew - Raspberry Rewire
  2. Electric Dew - Triple C
  3. Vape Superstore - Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Lime
  4. Vape Superstore - Dragon Fruit Punch
  5. Drippin' - Skittlez
  6. Dinner Lady - Bubble Trouble
  7. 100 Large - Berry Cold
  8. Chilled Milk - Vanilla
  9. Ohm Grown - New York New York
  10. Ohm Boy - Cosmic Coffee


We have so many e-liquids up our sleeves that we can barely contain ourselves. From the classic coconut to bursting berry flavours, there is something for all tastes, including some created by our very own fair hands. What’s more, we have tried and tested them all, so what is the best short fill e-liquid flavour?


1. Electric Dew Raspberry Rewire

  • Everyone seems to go head-over-heels for this berry-blast, scoring 4.5 out of 5 with our vapers. Wake up your taste buds in preparation for spring with a refreshing blend of English raspberries and fresh mint leaves. For our menthol fans, the minty notes accented with a not too sweet natural raspberry flavour make this an excellent choice.
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2. Electric Dew Triple C

  • This nostalgic rhubarb and custard flavour also ranks highly among our customers, bringing back reminiscent thoughts of the famous hard boiled sweets but with a creamy hit. So, slam on your crazy clothes and take a trip back to the 1970s sweet shops, if nothing else, it will bring a smile across your face as you get lost in those fantastic memories.
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Both of these e-liquids are supplied in a larger than average 100ml Short Fill bottle. If nicotine is your thing, simply add two nicotine shots to bring this e-liquid up to 3mg strength – it couldn’t be easier!


3. VS Blackcurrant Raspberry Lime

  • This sharp and fruity vape is another popular choice among our customers scoring a cracking 4.7 out of 5. Imagine taking a breath of freshly picked blackcurrants blended with tart lime juices, which on the exhale turns into a soft but sweet raspberry flavour – a definite mouth-watering combination right? Well you’ve not experienced the zingy aftertaste yet!
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4. VS Dragon Fruit Punch

  • Ranking 4.8 out of 5, our vapers dig the exotic taste of dragon fruit mixed with tropical tangy notes. It might be a cactus, but there's nothing spiky about this e-liquid with its sweet and fruity flavours the taste is tantalisingly terrific and absolutely unique.
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Both these fruitatstic numbers come in 50ml Short Fill bottles. We also throw in a free nicotine shot with each shortfill you purchase from our own range. Plus, we've added extra flavour concentrate to all our range, so you won't experience a diminished flavour when you add nicotine.


5. Drippin' Skittlez

  • Is gaining top marks from our customers at the moment, and it’s plain to see why! This 50ml Short Fill e-liquid brings back so many memories; with a taste of the rainbow in each pull, including candied berries and zesty oranges on the inhale, followed by vibrant citrus notes while exhaling. For a nicotine hit, just add your free booster shot to create a 3mg strength e-liquid.
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6. Dinner Lady Bubble Trouble

  • There was always something to tickle your fancy in the good old tuck shop, and there still is with this tasty number! Bubble Trouble has a sweet and fruity flavour, just like gumballs, delivering both strawberries and banana in a moreish candy vape. Who needs Charlie from the Chocolate factory? This vape is packed full of bubble gum flavour that never fades!

This e-liquid comes in 30ml Short Fill bottles, meaning you can add half an 18mg nicotine shot to gain a 3mg nicotine strength.

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7. 100 Large Berry Cold

  • Although winter will soon be a distant memory, some of our vapers like the blend of festive berries and menthol. The base of this e-liquid is made up of sweet and rich winter berries, which is then complimented by a not so overpowering hit of menthol on the exhale. This Short Fill e-liquid comes in a 100ml bottle but to boost your nicotine to 3mg just add two nic shots.
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8. Chilled Milk Vanilla

  • This top hitter offers sweet vanilla flavoured milk that has been chilled to perfection, a welcomed treat during those soon to come warmer months. The intense vanilla flavour mixed with the cold creamy milk will definitely cool your palate down and remove any need to chase that ice cream van, just kick-back and enjoy this delicious, sweet vape!

Chilled Milk Vanilla is supplied in a 30ml Short Fill bottle, just add half a nicotine shot to the flavoured e-liquid to create a 3mg nicotine strength.

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9. Ohm Grown New York New York

  • Another popular option which is most likely enjoyed by those of you on a health-kick, is the 80ml Short Fill Ohm Grown New York New York. Offering a blend of sweet granola sprinkled over a creamy vanilla yoghurt, this flavoured e-liquid is perfect for vaping all day long. If you are after more of a nicotine hit, simply add one shot to boost your e-liquid up to 3mg.
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10. Ohm Boy Cosmic Coffee

  • Finally, this little number gets full marks from our vapers, scoring 5 out of 5 and is every coffee lover’s dream with its moreish Caramel Latte on Ice flavours. Sit back, relax and enjoy rich but nutty coffee notes which have been beautifully infused with a silky cream and caramel combination – a dark but sweet and dreamy inhale with an icy touch on the exhale!

Cosmic Coffee is supplied in a 120ml sized bottle and you just need to add two nicotine shots to the flavoured e-liquid to create a 3mg nicotine strength.

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All in all, each and every one of our top 10 e-liquids has something excellent to offer, it really is down to preferred taste. So, why not beat those blues and treat yourself to one of our Short Fill range?

If you would like to taste any of the e-liquids or to test-drive one of our e-cig kits, pop into any of our seven London stores or get in touch. Don’t forget, for exclusive offers, promos and savings, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Have you sampled any of the above? Or feel there is an even better Short fill that should make our Top 10? Leave your comments below.

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