What does DTL Mean?

What does DTL Mean?

What is DTL Vaping?

Vaping's many acronyms can leave beginners wondering where to start. Understanding the different vaping styles is key, as this will affect every other decision you make, from vape kits to e-liquids. In this article, we're going to discuss the DTL style of vaping and its pros and cons. If being enveloped in silky smooth clouds of delectable vapour sounds like your thing, then keep reading.

How to DTL Vape

As the name implies, in DTL vaping you inhale vapour directly into your lungs without keeping it in your mouth first (as in the MTL method). A direct lung vape device uses high wattage settings with low resistance coils to produce a large amount of vapour. The inhale is long and deep - similar to that of a hooka and produces an ultra-smooth and thick vapour that carries a lot of flavour.

Known in the vaping community as 'cloud chasing', direct-to-lung vaping favours flavour and cloud production over high nicotine strength. With the greater volume of vapour, you can expect to enjoy a rich and flavourful vape experience with great big clouds of silky smooth vapour, but be aware that DTL devices don't work well with high levels of nicotine. If you are seriously trying to switch from smoking to vaping, then DTL vaping isn't going to work and you should consider the mouth to lung style of vaping which will give you a much greater chance at success.

Photo of a person using a DTL vape

Types of DTL Kits

You can find a wide array of vape kits that cater to the DTL style of vaping. Traditional vape mods with sub-ohm tanks are still a popular choice among DTL vapers, prized for their performance as well as their looks. You can also try pod kits, which have become increasingly popular, largely due to their user-friendly interface that doesn't compromise on functionality. DTL pod kits are also more durable and less prone to breaking than glass vape tank designs.

Research the different types of vape kits available. Think about where you will be using your DTL vape when making your decision. An on-the-go lifestyle might benefit from a slightly more compact and robust pod design, whereas if you plan to only use the kit at home, you can get whatever you like.

DTL Vaping Benefits

    • Enhanced and complex flavour production.

    • Silky smooth draw, with no throat hit.

    • Full customisation of your vape.

Image showing how a DTL inhale works

DTL Coil Resistance

The coil is where all the magic happens. It is a small metal tube with a metal mesh or coiled wire, surrounded by cotton which soaks up all the e-liquid in your tank or pod. When you fire up your DTL vape kit, the coil heats up and turns your vape juice into rich vapour. One DTL coil should last you a week, though this can vary with the higher-powered kits. If your e-liquid is very sweet and has a high VG content or if you are vaping at high temperatures, it could burn out faster.

DTL coils have much wider openings for airflow and lower resistance for more power. Two of the main factors cloud chasing enthusiasts look for are:

1) Lots of power to vaporise a ton of juice and

2) enough airflow to produce big clouds.

Coil resistance is measured in Ohms, and those suitable for DTL vaping typically range from 0.15ohm to 0.7ohm, which is also where the direct-to-lung style gets the name Sub-Ohm vaping.

Photo of DTL vape coils

Vape kits often include coils with two different resistances, like one higher resistance (e.g. 0.5ohm) and one lower resistance (0.15ohm). It's a good idea to try both to find your preferred vaping experience.

Battery & Power

The power-hungry DTL vapes need a big battery, and this will come in the form of built-in options ranging from 1500mAh to 3500mAh or external batteries called 18650 or 21700 batteries. Built-in batteries provide a hassle-free solution, although they take longer to charge and you will have to replace the entire kit once the battery reaches the end of its life. External batteries are cheaper to replace than an entire vape kit and you can use an external battery charger for rapid charging. The choice is yours.

The amount of power an average MTL starter kit will put out is between 9 - 25 watts. DTL or sub-ohm vape kits start at 25W and can go up to 250W in power, although the average cloud chaser sits between 50-60W. Most DTL vape kits will offer you the choice of adjusting the wattage settings while others are fixed or will be determined by the type of coil you use.

DTL Airflow and Mouthpiece

We mentioned earlier how coils affect airflow. When you vape, air will get pulled through the inlets in your device and drawn up through the wide centre of the coil - picking up the vapourised e-liquid as it goes. DTL vape kits are designed to produce a lot of airflow and will have large airflow openings that quite often will be adjustable, so you can still tweak your draw.

As with the airflow, the mouthpiece on DTL vape tanks and pods is going to be wide to accommodate all the airflow. Mouthpieces can be fixed to the pod or tank, or use the removable 810 'drip tip' design.

Photo showing the airflow on vape tanks

Best E-Liquid for DTL Vaping?

We think that the best part about vaping is trying all the flavours! That is certainly the case with the DTL style of vaping, where you can look forward to an endless array of sweet and complex e-liquid flavours.

But first, you need to know what to look for in e-liquid. Vape juice has two main ingredients PG & VG. PG (propylene glycol) is a thin food additive that carries all the flavour, whereas VG (vegetable glycerine) is a thicker liquid that is responsible for creating those big clouds of vapour. DTL vape kits can vaporise e-liquid with a thicker consistency and the best vape juice to use with a DTL device is high VG e-liquid, anything above 30:70 PG/VG ratio is good.

DTL vapers save money by purchasing economical 'shortfill' bottles. Shortfills are great for two reasons:

1) they give you much more e-liquid for your money and

2) they contain no nicotine, meaning you control how much (if any) nicotine you want.

Shortfills are available in 50ml or 100ml options, they are all nicotine-free giving you the option to add a nicotine shot to your shortfill bottle if you wish. A 3mg nicotine strength is the maximum recommended level for the DTL vaping style, as you will be inhaling large volumes of vapour.

You can also purchase 10ml high VG bottles, premixed with either 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Our Top 3 DTL Vape Kit Recommendations

We've got 3 Top recommendations here for you. We'll start things off with a compact, all-in-one DTL pod vape and go up a notch in size and power to give you a broad spectrum of devices that will highlight how versatile DTL vaping can be.

Vaporesso Luxe X Pro

With its capable 1500mAh battery, informative display and a wide array of pods and coils, you really can do it all with the Luxe X Pro (it even handles MTL vaping). This is a solid kit that looks great and delivers exceptional performance. New starters will enjoy the versatility the Luxe X Pro offers. You can try every style of vaping and keep a pod for each one.

Voopoo Drag M100S

With external batteries and 100W of power, dynamic airflow control and the latest in chipset technology, the Voopoo Drag M100S is the perfect DTL companion. The latest UFORCE tank and PnP coils deliver one of the smoothest DTL vapes out there and its range of powerful customisation options gives you the freedom to explore and get exactly the kind of vape you want.

Smok Morph 3

Meet the SMOK Morph 3, a sleek sub-ohm vape kit with a powerful 230W variable wattage, blending style and performance. Crafted from durable zinc alloy and dual-tone leather, it offers long-lasting elegance and is powered by external 18650/21700 batteries. The custom chipset provides various output modes, including customizable wattage and temperature control for precise flavour. You will really elevate your vaping game with the SMOK Morph 3.

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