Mystique Vapor

Mystique Vapor

Founded in 2014, Mystique Vapor is another maker of luxury e-liquids based in California and the company was officially launched at the Electronic Cigarette Convention in Ontario in September 2014. The company is dedicated to creating the highest quality liquids with unique flavours aimed at the discerning customer who is looking for a gourmet experience. Mystique Vapor promises to "change your perspective on e-liquid, and open your mind to a whole new level of vaping you never thought possible." True to their name, the company maintains an air of mystery and doesn't publicise their precise whereabouts or personnel. The parent company, E-Gains Distributing, is based in Irvine, California. Mystique offer a range of just five exclusive e-liquids, stylishly packaged in matt black cartons with the brand name printed in gold along with a graphic reminiscent of Masonic symbols. Cronos has a complex and sweet flavour, Hyperion has a subtle tobacco flavour and Oceanus features cool mint tones. Prometheus has the taste of an elegant dessert while Asteria is exotically fruity.

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