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Best E-Liquids To Buy In 2020

Posted by Vape Superstore on

We think one of the most wonderful things about vaping is the huge number of flavours. From menthol or tobacco to fruit or dessert, simple e-liquids to complex flavour medleys, you’re spoiled for choice.

Picking the best e-liquid flavours is always going to be tricky (and subjective). What we love might not be exactly your cup of tea and with so many unique flavours to choose from, finding the top 10 e-liquids out of hundreds of options wasn’t a simple task.

Refining our favourites list down to just ten took a lot of careful consideration - however - we’ve chosen five shortfills for the Sub Ohm-ers and five 50/50s for the pod mod vapers. They range from simple, single note flavours to more exotic and adventurous combinations. We’ll break down every note they have and why we love them to give the best idea whether you’ll love them too. Regardless of whether you’re a dessert fan or prefer a fruity vape, want something from a well known brand or something a little more niche - we think you’ll find something new to try in our ten best e-liquids list.



  • Kanzi is an OG flavour of Twelve Monkeys and has always been a flavour to fly off our shelves, so we were delighted to hear they were giving this juice the nic salt treatment. Twelve Monkeys have always delivered on flavour, however for many, their line of juices have been just a tad too sweet. With the new nic salt range, they’ve added no sweeteners and our testers definitely appreciate the toned down level of sweetness (It also helps coil life for an added bonus).

    The flavour of Kanzi itself delivers a nice refreshing combo of watermelon, fresh strawberries with just an edge of tartness from the kiwi. The flavours are perfectly balanced, and there is no one flavour that dominates. This is a great update to a classic flavour, and in a winner our book.

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  • Doozy Vapes Nic Salts have been around for a little while now, but Lemon Berry Pie has been a recent introduction to our shelves. It’s become a firm favourite amongst the vapers in Vape Superstore HQ and it’s clear to see why.

    On the inhale, the berry flavour is the early arriver, followed by a rich, buttery pastry. The exhale delivers a zing and zestiness of lemon. Luxuriously smooth it’s a perfect mix of dessert with fruity tones.

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  • Element E-Liquids were the first brand to release a range of nic salts in the UK with their NS20 range, and these guys know what they’re doing. Element are a fan favourite with plenty of flavour choice from their original flavour line up, and with their new Sub-zero range they’re able to cater to the menthol fans. Available in both Nic Salt and Shortfill form, whichever flavour takes your fancy you can enjoy in an MTL or Sub-ohm device.

    The Sub-Zero range only currently consists of 3 flavours, and it’s the Strawberry Guava that tops our list. It’s a very easy all day vape, with a tropical fruit inhale and a nice refreshing mint on the exhale. A really mouth-watering flavour with only a slight minty hit, so even if you’re not a huge fan of menthol flavours it’s still a wonderful choice.

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  • Following the huge popularity of Jack Rabbit, the makers gave the lad a partner in the form of Rachael Rabbit. Jack Rabbit delivered a range of traditional dessert flavours where as Rachael delivers a range of fresh and fruity vapes. Again these are available in both salt nicotine and shortfill.

    Topping our list is Redcurrant, Grape & Cherry. A rich and complex flavour that balances sweet and sharp perfectly. The inhale gives a medley of redcurrant and grape, with a dominant cherry flavour coming through on the exhale. As with all the flavours in this range, there is an ever so slight Koolada finish. It’s as bold as the name suggests but definitely a go to flavour for any fruit fan.

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  • The second on the list for Doozy Vapes, but this time a freebase 50-50 e-liquid. Releasing their 50-50 range earlier on this year which consists of 8 simple yet delicious flavours. Designed for mouth to lung vapers the Doozy Fifty 50 range is a great choice for beginners looking for familiar flavours. Not only do they taste great but are great value for money.

    A stand out in the range is Blue Raspberry. This berry blend, gives a sweet and juicy inhale, which is nicely complimented by a slightly tart Raspberry flavour on the exhale. A sure fire all day vape, Doozy have perfectly balanced this one so not to be too sweet.

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  • Ohm Boy e-liquids are made right here in the UK, and are quickly growing into one of the UK's premium liquid blenders. Their recent launch of the ‘In The Labs’ range consists of just 2 flavours, which have been labelled as a limited release only; but we pray for the sake of our customers they keep making the delectable two.

    Truly hard to pick a favourite from this range and both could quite easily have made the list. However, Apricot Yoghurt just pips to the post with it’s incredibly smooth flavours of Apricot and silky Greek yoghurt. The combination results in a soft and almost buttery inhale, making way for a more vibrant note of Apricot.

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  • Launched in 2017, Juice N Power are a UK based artisan e-liquid manufacturer creating some creative flavour combinations from fruits, desserts and sweets. Releasing four new fruity flavours towards the back-end of last year, our pick from the new flavours would be their Vimtonic. Mixed to the usual 30:70 ratio, it’s a delight for any fruit fan.

    Vimtonic is a blend of fresh berry fruits, combining strawberry, blueberries and raspberry. It’s a complex blend that is inspired by the popular drink, and for us Juice N Power have really nailed down the flavour in this one.

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  • Bold branding from these newcomers and they’ve given themselves a title to live up to. Supergood hit the industry last year and have already backed up their Supergood title with numerous awards for their line of juices. Currently with two ranges under their umbrella, the ‘Cocktail collection’ and the ‘Butter’ line. We’re still getting stuck into the Butter range as only a recent addition to our shelves, but we have been hugely impressed with the Cocktail collection and fully deserving of those awards.

    The winner in our eyes is Bramble. For those who may not have heard of this Cocktail, it’s best described as a simple gin cocktail with a fruity flair. No gin in this one however, what it does have is a warming mix of Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries with a zingy finish of Lemon. A delightfully fruity flavour perfect truly encapsulating the taste of spring. It’s available in nic salt and shortfill, so can be enjoyed by both MTL and sub-ohmers.

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  • The second in our list from Canadian e-liquid brand Twelve Monkeys. Releasing a trio of new flavours earlier on this year, all of which they’ve forecasted to be firm favourites. Named the Circle of Life range, each of the Trio are mixed to 65/35 VG and PG ratio for a super smooth inhale, billowy clouds and of course incredible flavour.

    Our top pick from the range is Queen Soko, she’s a blend of “hand picked strawberries mixed with subtle melodic tones of lemon citrus”. The inhale delivers a perfectly balanced natural sweetness from summer ripe strawberries. Which is followed by those subtle melodic citrus tones, which combined with the fresh strawberry flavour creates a mouth sensation like no other. For any fruit fan you won’t go far wrong with any of the Circle of Life range, but the aptly named Queen is head of this trio.

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  • Wick Liquor are yet another UK brand making waves in the industry. With a small but skilfully imagined range of intriguing and exotic flavours, Wick Liquor are certainly the definition of a boutique e-liquid brand. And it doesn’t get more ‘boutique’ than their new Kurima Yoghurt range. A maverick triple flavour range of hyper-creamy fruit yoghurt creations.

    The juice particularly loved from this new line, is Forest Fruits. This is a combo of juicy sweet black forest berries with their signature Kurima yoghurt and a buttery choux pastry. It’s more tangy than most “standard” fruit combinations thanks to the wild berries but rounds off to a smooth and buttery note with the thick yoghurt and pastry pairing beautifully on the exhale.

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At Vape Superstore, we’re always aspiring to have the best range, which means trying a whole lot of vape juice to find the best ones to offer you. E-liquids have come a long way over time and with so many flavours to choose from, boiling it down to just ten of the latest releases was always going to be hard. However, with all of us at VS HQ favouring slightly different flavours and a combined 20 plus years of vaping between us, we think we’ve done a pretty good job.

With any luck, no matter your usual “go-to” flavour profile is, you’ll have found something that piques your interest. Whether it’s a creamy offering like Apricot Yoghurt or a fruity blend like Queen Soko, these premium e-liquids deliver the best vaping experience. If your favourite is missing (or you already love one of the ones we recommended) let us know in the comments. contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

Medical Information Disclaimer

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