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For an absolutely huge selection of quality hand mixed E-Liquids you’ve come to the right place. Fruity or sweet, with a few savoury flavours in the mix, Vape Superstore’s line of delectable vaping juices includes a wide range of fruits, berries, candy, donuts, citrus, chocolates, and more. Enough to keep even the most enthusiastic flavour chasers and juice mixers busy for years, our exclusively US and range of UK premium e-liquids are some of the absolute best in the world. Coming from only the most reputable e-liquid manufacturers out there, these juices are safe and quality tested and certain to leave you satisfied.

Individually selected by our dedicated staff, if a vape isn’t absolutely phenomenal it simply doesn’t make it into our lineup. Vape Superstore carries eliquids from such world famous manufacturers like Beard Vape Co., Attitude Vapes, Electric Dew, and Pour House to name just a few. When it comes to our selection of over a hundred different flavours from more than a dozen manufacturers, there’s virtually no limit to your ability to mix and match your favorites to create your perfect all day juice. Give any one of them a try and we’re certain you’ll find yourself coming back to our curated juice collection again and again.

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What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid is an important component of any electronic cigarette, and it’s the component that produces the flavour as well as the vapour that is being inhaled and exhaled. Without e-liquid inside the vaping device, the device is pretty much useless.

What is E Liquid made of?

E-liquid is comprised mainly of 3 ingredients, with an optional 4th ingredient. The 3 main ingredients are propylene glycol (which is normally referred to as PG), vegetable glycerine (referred to as VG) and flavour concentrates which is usually food-grade flavouring. The optional 4th ingredient is nicotine which will come in a variety of different strengths based on the e-liquid manufacturer. Vapers are able to customise their vaping experience using an e-liquid that suits their needs, whether it be 18 milligram (mg) nicotine, all the way down to nicotine free.

What is PG and VG?

Propylene Glycol is a clear liquid that has a similar viscosity to that of water, and is flavourless. PG is the ingredient that gives its user the throat hit, and it’s also the ingredient that carries the overall flavour of the completed mix. PG is used in a variety of different day-to-day items, including food products and even some medicines, and is non-toxic.

Vegetable Glycerine is a much more thicker liquid that is primarily a vegetable base, making it non-toxic and suitable for vegetarians. It has a rather sweet taste and is the portion of the e-liquid mix that is responsible for producing the thick plumes of vapour. Common items that VG can be found in include toothpaste, pet food and even beauty products.

How is e-liquid used?

The e-juice is usually poured into a small tank (or dripped directly onto a rebuildable atomiser) and is absorbed into the organic cotton that surrounds the coils. The coils within the atomiser will then be heated up when hitting the fire button on the vaping battery device. As the coils heat up, the cotton will begin to evaporate the absorbed liquid, producing vapour. It is this vapour that gets inhaled and exhaled. How much vapour gets produced, as well as the density of the vapour, will depend on the ratio of PG to VG within the e-liquid.

What is the best PG to VG ratio to use?

That will vary depending on how you vape. If you a vaper that prefers a harsher throat hit and a higher nicotine content, then an e-liquid that has more PG would be best suited for your vaping needs. If, however, you are prefer a lower nicotine strength, and you are more concerned with the flavour as well as the vapour production, then an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio is what you would use. Liquids that use a high VG content are mainly used in sub-ohm vaping, where the users exhale thick dense clouds of vapour.

E-Liquid Flavours

At Vape Superstore, we stock a huge range of flavour profiles from traditional tobacco flavours to a fruity flavour for those sweet-toothed individuals. For advice on what is right for you, why not pop into one of our stores and a member of our team will be happy to allow you sample a few different flavours.


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