What are The Best Pre-Filled Vape Pod Kits To Buy 2023?

What are The Best Pre-Filled Vape Pod Kits To Buy 2023?

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The convenience of disposable vapes can't be denied, they don’t require any know-how to operate and with zero maintenance, they are a highly attractive choice for newcomers who may be put off by the technical jargon and overwhelming variety of the vaping world. The payoff for this ultra-convenience though, is a mountain of waste littering streets and landfills. Ideally, we would live in a world where these kits were all recycled responsibly, but that is not the case and it’s hard to ignore the proliferation of discarded single-use vape devices piling up on the streets.

The volume of waste that disposable vapes produce has left a nasty stain on the vaping industry’s reputation. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 situation, the main design flaws in disposables are also their main attraction - that they are non-refillable and non-rechargeable. This issue highlighted a clear need for a balance between convenience and environmental accountability.

Enter the pre-filled pod vape kit, the next evolution from disposable vapes. These innovative kits address the unnecessary disposal of an entire vape battery and its components. The pre-filled pod kit works exactly the same way as a disposable but uses a rechargeable battery with pre-filled pods that can be swapped out with ease. You keep the battery and simply purchase a new pack of pods that can be effortlessly clicked into place. They’re cheaper and produce much less waste than traditional instant-use vapes - it’s a wonder they didn’t do this in the first place.

In this article we are going to introduce you to the pre-filled pod kit, what factors to consider when purchasing one and how they work, as well as provide you with a list of the best kits and flavours on the market for 2023. If you’ve successfully made the switch from tobacco to disposable vaping, you are no doubt reaping the health and cost benefits, well we’re here to show you how you can save even more money and do your bit for the environment too.

What are the Benefits of Pre-Filled Vape Pod Kits?

Pre-filled pod kits deliver exactly the same hassle-free convenience that disposables offer. They’re as portable and lightweight and work just the same way, using inhale-activation you simply inhale on the mouthpiece - no buttons, no set-up. The replaceable pre-filled pod design is effortless in its simplicity as all you have to do is pull out the old pod and click in a new one, there are no messy coil changes or refills to worry about.

A big draw of disposable vapes is their flavour and there is no compromise here. Most pre-filled pod kits are designed by the same leading disposable bar manufacturers, who use the same concentrated flavours and coil design found in their best-selling disposables, so you know you’ll be enjoying the same rich flavour.

The draw is just as smooth and satisfying with each pod filled with 2ml of flavoured e-liquid containing either 20mg (2%) or 10mg (1%) of nicotine salts. The plastic and coil within the pods themselves will need to be recycled responsibly, but they represent a fraction of the waste produced by a single-use disposable. Speaking of which, recharging the battery is quick and easy. The batteries are the same size and capacity as regular disposables, 350-500mAh and can be rapidly recharged with fast Type-C charging, with many pre-filled pod kits including a Type-C charging cable.

Prefilled-pod kits are perfectly suited for beginners, they are easy to get to grips with and are designed specifically for people with no prior experience with vaping. Experienced vapers will find the uncomplicated neatness of a prefilled pod kit a welcome respite to the maintenance of a refillable vape kit, as you can practically vape without interruption. They’re excellent go-to kits for travelling as there is no concern about leaking liquids or carrying large bottles of e-liquid with you. A kit and a few pods will take up no room in your luggage, handbag or pocket.

The Top 5 Pre-Filled Vape Pod Kits for 2023

We’ve curated a list of the best-selling pre-filled pod kits available today. They comprise a selection of products made by the top disposable vape makers and we’ve evaluated them based on flavour, build quality and vape experience. Our list also includes the Top 4 Best Selling Pod Flavours for each device.

1. SKE Crystal Plus

Number one on our list is the Crystal Plus by SKE. Incorporating the famous clear-faceted form factor of their disposable vape, the Crystal Plus is available in five captivating colours and is fitted with a 400mAh battery that can be recharged at the base of the unit, delivering roughly 600 puffs per charge. Lightweight and ergonomic, the Crystal Plus delivers 11W of power and includes a Type-C charging cable as well as a handy battery charge LED. The pods are filled with 20mg (2%) of premium nic salts and fitted with a mesh coil to deliver a flavourful and smooth mouth-to-lung vape.

15 of SKE’s most delectable disposable flavours are on offer here in packs of two pods.

Cherry Ice

This delicious vape carries bold notes of full-bodied cherries followed by a blast of icy cool freshness that hits the spot. A sweet and tangy vape with coolness on the inhale.

Lemon & Lime

Bright and refreshing, Lemon & Lime delivers notes of mouth-puckering lemon followed by the sweetness of zesty limes and makes for a delightfully juicy citrus vape.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

This sweet fusion has it all, fresh tangy berries dusted with a delicate candy sourness that is hard to resist. This highly sought-after fruit and candy delight is one of the most popular flavours on the market.

Strawberry Burst

What could be better than sweet British strawberries? This aromatic fruity vape is elevated with highlights of fresh menthol that take it to another level.

2. Elf Bar ELFA Pro

If you’re a fan of Elf Bar disposables and want a similar pre-filled pod option, you’re in luck. The ELFA Pro is identical to the infamous Elf Bar and showcases the same rounded soft-touch outer shell and tapered ergonomic mouthpiece. The difference is that it also contains a 500mAh battery that you can recharge and 2ml pods that click magnetically into the device. This kit will save you money with its pack of two prefilled pods which will deliver up to 1200 puffs per pack. The pods feature no less than 30 of Elf Bar’s much-loved flavours and contain 20mg (2%) of blended nicotine salts to deliver the familiar smooth satisfaction you’ve come to enjoy from Elf Bar.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

The classic sweet and tangy blue raspberry flavour, lifted with tongue-tingling sour candy finish on the exhale is a must-try if this is your first foray into vaping.


Lusciously ripe and creamy bananas deliver a wave of fruity sweetness for one of the smoothest fruit vapes around

Cherry Cola

A delicious take on this classic soft drink flavour, Cherry Cola delivers rich cherry notes melded with authentic cola fizz pop.

Wild Orange

Wild Orange is a zingy one, a fresh and juicy orange flavour that is a delightful blend of sweet and tangy citrus.

3. Ziggiys Apollo

Ziggiys Apollo is an ultra slimline number that will slip unnoticed into your pocket and is the perfect step away from disposables. It houses a 500mAh rechargeable battery with Type-C charging and uses 2ml pods that clip into the device. Its modern design is ideal for professional environments and it is also made of durable high-grade aluminium alloy.

Experience a top-notch mouth-to-lung draw with effortless inhale operation. The 1.2ohm mesh coil pods deliver exceptional flavour and produce a discrete and satisfying amount of vapour. The Ziggiys Apollo delivers style and high performance with 20mg (2%) of satisfying nicotine salts.

Minty Ice

As the name suggests, Minty Ice delivers fresh notes of bright peppermint flavour with a cooling chill of ice that adds to this delightful refreshing vape.

Strawberry Watermelon

This delicious fruity vape is brimming with sweetness. You get notes of ripe strawberries followed by luscious juicy watermelon.

Apple Cinnamon Tart

A warming delight for dessert lovers. Juicy baked apples and rich pastry are infused with comforting cinnamon in this delightful treat.

Pink Lemonade

Capturing the classic flavour of mixed red berries and lemonade, Pink Lemonade delivers sweet fruity notes complimented with tangy citrus that leaves a delicate fizz on the tongue.

4. VOOM Pod Mod

Simplicity and style encapsulate the Pod Mod by Voom. This extremely user-friendly kit comes in an ultra compact form factor that is super easy to use. The large 500mAh battery can be quickly recharged with a Type-C charging cable that will need to be purchased separately. Perfect for on-the-go vaping, the pods simply click onto the device and inhale activation does the rest. The mouth-to-lung draw is smooth and will feel familiar to new switchers. Enjoy up to 600 puffs per charge with 12 delectable flavours to choose from, each containing 20mg (2%) of satisfying nicotine salts.

Grape Ice

This bold grape flavour is packed with fruity sweetness followed by a refreshing chill of menthol and makes for an ideal all-day flavour.

Sour Apple

A sweet and tart treat with crisp apples wrapped in a delicious sour candy coating that provides all-day a lip-smacking enjoyment.

Cola Lime

A refreshing, fruity vape that delivers authentic fizzy cola with a squeeze of sweet limes for a delcious citrus twist.


This crisp serving of mouth-watering watermelon is bursting with juicy sweetness reminding one of a hot summers day.

5. Elf Bar Mate 500


Lovers of Elf Bar’s range of delicious flavours can now enjoy them in a minimalistic reusable pod kit. Elf Bar’s Bar Mate 500 features a generous 500mAh rechargeable battery with an easy Type-C charging cable included in the kit, as well as a handy LED light that will keep you informed of the battery's charge capacity. Made with aluminium and PCTG materials, it offers comfort and portability in a compact design that grips easily in your hand. The pods come in a pack of two and house a 1.2ohm mesh coil that delivers a rich and satisfying vape with 20mg (2%) of the smoothest nicotine salts.


This mix of fruity energy drink will wake up your senses, with a light effervescence and a touch of ice this is sure to be a firm favourite.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

A tropical sensation that delivers tangy notes followed by delicate sweetness and a smooth exotic exhale.

Strawberry Lemonade

The sweetest summer strawberries are whipped up with a fresh and fizzy lemonade that delivers tangy citrus flavours that are perfectly balanced.

Cream Tobacco

This one is for the connoisseurs who enjoy robust earthy tobacco flavours wrapped in a smooth vanilla cream reminiscent of a Cuban Cigar.


The benefits of switching to a pre-filled pod kit are undeniable. They offer the same intense flavour and ease of use as traditional disposables without the unnecessary waste of discarding an entire unit every day or two. Pre-filled pod kits are also cheaper and deliver a like-for-like experience with no compromise on usability or enjoyment.  

Each of the kits in our list showcases the highest quality among popular devices on the market. The main consideration can be boiled down to cost, aesthetics and the variety of flavour choices on offer. Think about how and where you will be using them and whether or not you enjoy choosing from a wide range of flavours or picking one or two trusted favourites and sticking with them. Explore our list and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit and enjoy hours of hassle-free vaping enjoyment.

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