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What is a Squonk Mod?

Posted by Vape Superstore on

If you've been wondering what a squonk mod is, you're not alone. Many vapers have encountered the term 'squonking' but aren’t sure what it actually refers to, how it works or how it could enhance their vaping experience. So, we’re here to clear a few questions up. We’ll look at the benefits of squonking and why so many vapers are taking up this activity. If you decide it sounds like something you’d like to give a whirl we’ll also recommend some of the most popular and innovative squonk mods on the market.



Before we get into the technicalities, we’ll clear up what this piece of kit actually is. Squonk mods are a type of box mod that hold a single battery and an internal bottle of juice. Because the bottle inside isn’t a “tank” it isn’t restricted under TPD. Hello bigger juice capacity. The squonk bottle itself typically holds anywhere between 6 and 12ml of e-liquid and is connected to a tank or bottom feeding RDA. When you squeeze the bottle, juice travels up a little pipe inside the mod and through the bottom of your RDA to saturate your wick. Any excess is sucked back into the squonk bottle to avoid flooding the RDA deck. The process of squeezing the bottle (made of food grade silicone) is called squonking. What this means for the user is less dripping, fresher flavour and no need to carry bottles of liquid around with you.


Squonking is a popular way to enhance flavour whilst vaping. Because you can combine these mods with bottom feeding RDAs, the juice is dripped gradually onto the cotton and is vaped away quickly. This means it isn’t exposed to air, nor is it sitting on the cotton for long so you get the freshest flavour from your juice. The difference between squonking and using RDAs in a conventional manner is that the experience is not so messy. This is largely thanks to the internal tube that feeds directly onto the RDA and as a result tends to be more convenient. With squonking, there's no need to transport a bottle of vape juice around with you at all times. There’s also little risk of spilling juice on yourself or your kit. When you squonk, you get the same kind of performance without having to manually drip.

Squonk mods have been on the market for almost ten years, but the practice of squonking has only recently reached its current high level of popularity. More and more atomisers and mods for squonking are appearing on the market for sub ohm vaping, mouth to lung vaping and now even specialised squonkers for nic salts. No matter your style or e-liquid preference there are mods and compatible atomisers for everyone.

Squonk mods have space to fit batteries (though usually they’re single cell devices), a small bottle of juice as well as a tube which is hooked up to the 510 connection. The 510 pin features a small hole where your juice comes out. Once you have purchased your squonk mod, you just need a compatible bottom feeding RDA and a battery if it is not included as part of the package.

To use a squonk mod, you need to squeeze the bottle gently, sending the juice to the RDA. When you release the bottle, a vacuum will be created that returns the excess liquid back to the bottle. You then need to simply press the power button to begin vaping. You can continue to do so until the flavour starts to weaken. At this point, just squeeze the bottle again. You shouldn't find yourself squeezing the bottle so frequently it becomes irritating, but when you do squeeze you can keep the wicks moist and avoid unpleasant dry hits. Some squonk mods are unregulated and will operate according to the resistance of the coil you combine them with but there are also several regulated mod options on the market.


Another reason why squonk-based vaping has become so popular as that it is ideal for vaping on the move. When you use an RDA in a conventional manner, you need to keep manually dripping juice onto the coil. Most bottles used with squonk mods are over 7ml. The way that the excess liquid is sent back to the bottom means overflow and leaking aren't frequent concerns, yet the flavour matches the quality you will normally receive when using an RDA. The battery lives of squonk mods have improved over recent years, especially now that 20700 and 21700 batteries can be used in some models.


The key difference between a squonk mod and conventional RDA vaping is that the bottle feeds your juice. The juice is only fed when it is needed, unlike with RTDAs, and this means the cotton is not constantly saturated. The result is a super fresh-tasting vape with every puff. Some more experienced vapers are choosing to opt for mechanical squonk mods for extra power, though you should only do this once you have the knowledge and skill to operate one safely.

Sound like a bit of you? There are a huge variety of squonk mods on the market, but we’ve rounded up a few popular and particularly innovative options to help you get started:

If you're not certain that using a squonk mod will be right for you, the best thing to do is give it a go. Many vapers seeking the perfect balance between convenience, flavour and vapour production have found squonking to be the perfect solution. Most people who turn to squonking are experienced vapers who have experimented with various other methods over time and enjoy the practice of building their own coils for using on RDAs.


Many people are under the impression that the key benefit of squonking is to enjoy extra juice capacity. However, this is just one reason why so many have adapted to squonking. One of the reasons drippers and RDAs are so popular is that they allow you to constantly consume fresh juice which has just been dripped onto the coils. This means problems with condensation or stale juice are kept to a minimum. RDAs are often seen as superior to conventional tanks due to the way that they offer enhanced flavour and freshness. However, the fact that dripping is constantly required is a big drawback for many. Squonk mods are a happy medium and fairly simple solution to this problem. If you choose, you can still drip in the conventional manner too. This means you aren’t stuck only using the juice in the squonk bottle if you fancy a different flavour before the bottle is empty.



If you’re looking for a complete kit to get you squonking, the Aspire Feedlink Revvo is a great option. It’s a regulated mod so still has all the safety features you’re used to in conventional box mods. The other bonus is it comes with a sub ohm tank rather than an RDA meaning you can still get the benefits of squonking without the need for building your own coils. You can still combine it with any bottom feeding RDA so if you do decide to go down that path, the Feedlink Revvo adapts with you. The bottle has a 7ml capacity meaning you’ve got plenty of juice space to take on the go and accommodates a single 18650 battery inside. Super ergonomic and beautiful to look at, it’s an ideal first step into squonking.


If you have a good understanding of Ohm’s Law already and mech mods are your thing, the Dot Squonk mod from DotMod is a great option. A minimalist exterior conceals space inside for either an 18650 or 20700 battery as well as a massive 12ml of e-liquid inside. Its anodised aluminium frame and gold plated accents give it a super slick look and also increase its firing speed meaning you get a perfect hit with every puff. The Dot doesn’t come with an RDA or tank so you’ll need to combine it with your bottom feeding atomiser of choice.


If mouth to lung vaping with nic salts is your go to vape, you aren’t excluded from the world of squonking. The Simple Ex kit from Vandy Vape features a 21mm build deck, aluminium alloy construction and an 850mAh internal battery. It’s a very tidy little kit. Inside the mod is a 4ml squonk bottle. That sounds small in comparison with other models but when you’re mouth to lung vaping you won’t be chugging through juice like you would with a sub ohm vape. This one gives you everything you need to get started including two drip tips, Clapton coils and of course the mod and RDA itself. Made for single coil builds, featuring variable voltage and adjustable airflow, the Simple Ex is the first of its kind and it’s a totally new take on mouth to lung vaping.


If you enjoy RDA dripping or just want a more convenient way to vape, squonking is a great option. At Vape Superstore we’re always happy to give you some more advice if you have questions, or to make a personal recommendation based on your vaping preferences. We have a huge range of squonk mods and kits from the most reputable brands the world over and are always adding to the range. Regardless of whether you’re into building, prefer mouth to lung, sub ohm tanks or mech mods when it comes to squonking the options are pretty much limitless. contains general information about vaping and vapour products. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be relied upon unless explicity cited. We do not make any warranties surrounding the health benefits, reliability and accuracy of written copy across all pages on our website, including blog content and content posted on social media.

Medical Information Disclaimer

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