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So you’ve received a new box mod vape kit. In this video we’ll show you the steps to set it up and have it working

Step 1:

Charge Your battery - your box kit uses 1 or more external batteries, we recommend charging them fully before using the kit. An external charger is best.

Step 2:

Insert your battery, make sure to fit them properly and not upside down. Look or the positive and negative signs.

Step 3:

Prime your coils. We recommend adding a few drops of liquid to your coils before filling up the tank or pod. This allows the liquid to soak into the cotton and helps avoid a dry hit or burnt taste when you first fire use vape.

Step 4:

Check your coil. It’s important to make sure the coil has been fully tightened before you fill up the tank or pod with liquid. If it’s slack your liquid will leak through the air holes and the device will not vape as there will be a loose connection.

Step 5:

Add your liquid and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. Steeping lets your liquid soak fully into the cotton and will also help prevent burning the cotton in your coil.

Step 6:

Attach your tank to the mod. All tanks and mods have a universal 510 connection. It’s a simple screw fitting. Fix the tank using your thumb and index fingers, ensuring you don’t over tighten as it can be difficult to remove at a later date.

Step 7:

Turn on your device. It might sound basic, however sometimes users can find this tricky. 5 rapid clicks to the fire button will power your device on.

Before you go blowing clouds follow the following tips for the best experience:

Wattage:If your kit has variable wattage, make sure you are using the best settings possible for the coils you are using. This information should be written on your coil or its box.

If you’re vaping mouth to lung (with a coil of 1.0 ohm and over) then we would recommend using a50:50 liquid. This is a thinner liquid that requires less heat to vapourise. However If you are using a sub-ohm device (a coil of 1.0 ohm and under) you need a thicker liquid. We would recommend a 70:30 ratio as the device is more powerful. If you use a50:50 liquid in a sub-ohm device it is highly likely the device will leak and cause your coil to burn.

Bare in mind Most coils will last between 5-7 days before you need to replace them. You will know when to change them as you will begin to lose flavour and you will start to get a burnt taste. Now, you should be ready to vape.