How to use your XROS 4

Introduction to XROS 4

Welcome to the Vape Superstore video guide on how to use & begin vaping from your new, shiny XROS 4. The XROS 4 is the latest release from the XROS family, following up from the XROS 3, in true tradition this pod kit is a sleek and elegant device that delivers excellent flavour! With faster charging time, more precise airflow control & three power settings, this outstanding kit has certainly made improvements in all the right places. Finished in an all-aluminium alloy body, this pod kit is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

What's in the box

  • XROS 4 Battery

  • XROS Corex 2.0, 0.4ohm Mesh Pod (pre-installed)

  • XROS Corex 2.0, 0.8ohm Mesh Pod

  • Type-C Charging Cable

  • User Manual & Warranty Card

Types of e-liquids to use

The XROS 4 kit includes a Corex 2.0 pod in 0.4ohms and a spare pod Corex 2.0 pod in 0.8ohms. Corex Mesh Technology ensure fantastic and consistent flavour with a smooth draw. With the 0.4ohm pods we do advise using high-vg liquids due to the low resistance and for the 0.8ohm pods, nic salts or 50/50 freebase e-liquids are best.

Why not try one of our new high VG Future juices from Exlirs for the 0.4 pods or one of the new nic salts from the Deliciu for the 0.8ohm pod? The Corex Mesh coils paired with any of these are set to be a rollercoaster of flavour!

How to fill your XROS 4?

Peel off the protective sticker at the bottom of the pod.

Picture of sticker being taken off pod.

Snap the mouthpiece backwards to reveal the filling point.

Picture of pod being cracked backwards to reveal filling point.

Pour your liquid into the filling point up until the max line. Clip the mouthpiece back onto the pod.

Picture of nozzle being inserted into the filling point.

Once the new pod is filled, please allow for five minutes before vaping as this allows time for the liquid to soak the cotton of the coil.

Picture of kit laying down to indicate waiting time before vaping.

When the five minutes is up, take a draw from your XROS 4 or hold down the button to activate, the XROS 4 utilises dual activation so the decision is yours.


Picture of kit being held in hand before taking a draw.

How to use your XROS 4?

The XROS 4 features three different power modes - strong, stronger or strongest. Simply press the fire button three times to flick between the mode of your choice.

Picture of kit showing three power modes.

Featuring dual activation, the kit can be activated by simply puffing on the device or holding down the firing button to vape.

Picture of kit being held in hand and finger on button to show it is button activated as well as inhale activated

To lock the kit and use just inhale activation, click the power button button 4 times in quick succession.

Picture of kit and text that states pressing button 4 times will lock the kit.

Precise airflow control can be customised to your exact preference by a simple slide. Choose between an MTL or RDL experience in seconds

Picture of kit and the airflow control on the back.

Included with the kit is a Type-C charger, this 1000mAh battery can be fueled back up in the blink of an eye. Picture of where the port is located

Picture of the kit and type c cable inserted into it.

When to change the pod and how to dispose of it

Your XROS 4 pods should last from 1-2 weeks, this will depend on usage. You will know you need to change the pod when it begins to deliver a burnt taste or when the liquid within the pod begins to darken & vapour production reduces.

  • Take out the previous pod & insert the new pod. Pods can be recycled at your discretion.
  • Pour some liquid into the new pod and wait five minutes before you begin vaping.

Troubleshooting tips

What to do if your pod leaks

  • If your pod begins to leak, take it out of the device & pat it down dry with a kitchen towel.
  • Dry the inside of the chamber of your XROS 4 kit with a cotton bud or kitchen towel.
  • Take a short dummy pull into the pod, this will remove any excess liquid that has built up, then insert the pod back into the device.

How to avoid leaks in the future

  • Only fill to the max line or just below.
  • Repeated puffs can at times cause the pod to leak. Remember to take constant breaks when vaping to avoid leakage.

How to avoid a burnt taste

  • Keep checking on your e-liquid levels. Where the cotton is visible on the integrated coil this should always be submerged in liquid.
  • Chain vaping may cause the coil to overheat and in turn burn out the cotton. Take breaks whilst vaping as you would a cig.
  • Be aware of airflow inlets, if these are accidentally covered this can cause the coil to overheat.
  • These tips and tricks I hope help in the enjoyment of vaping without the stress of leakage or burnt coils. If you are still experiencing issues with your XROS 4, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

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