Leaking ELFA Pod, Burnt Taste? How to Fix it.

Everyone experiences a leaking vape device at some point in their journey, aside from the mess and frustration, there is also the cost of wasted e-liquid and potential damage to your kit, which is not ideal as switching to vaping is supposed to be saving you money, but this is by no means something that can’t be remedied. In this article, we are going to explore what may cause leaks in your ELFA Pod Kit, and how to fix and prevent them.

Why Is Your ELFA Pod Leaking?

Let's take a look at what may cause your ELFA Pod Kit to leak, there are a few easy fixes. Aside from the rare occasion that you have a dud pod, there are three factors to consider that may cause leaking and they have to do with how you are using your ELFA Pod Kit.

*A quick lesson in vaping mechanics - When you draw on your ELFA Pod Kit, the battery activates and heats the mesh coil within the pod and vaporises the e-liquid in the surrounding cotton.

  • Overuse or chain vaping - causing overheating. All vape devices are designed to be used for a short period and then put down after a few minutes, similar to how long it would take you to smoke a cigarette. It is easy to lose track of how long you have been vaping as there is no timer on a vape and overuse can cause the liquid to become hot and runny.

  • Taking heavy or long draws. Inhaling too firmly or taking consistently long draws that exceed the amount of air the device can draw in, can cause the liquid in the ELFA pod to get drawn up and out of the pod.

  • Obstructing the airflow. There are two airflow openings at the seam where the pod meets the device and if you cover those while you vape, you are creating a more restricted airflow or a vacuum which will flood the coil.

Any of these factors will result in the cotton within the pod becoming oversaturated and the coil becoming clogged with hot, watery e-liquid which can then run through the bottom of the pod and into your device.

What Should You Do When an ELFA Pod Leaks?

If you find that your ELFA Pod Kit is leaking you can follow these steps to clean and fix your kit so you can get up and running again in no time.

  • Stop using your ELFA Pod kit immediately if you notice a leak.

  • Clean up the outside of the device using towelling paper to wipe up any liquid.

  • Pull out the pod and insert a cotton bud or towelling paper to clean out the device's pod chamber to prevent liquid from leaking into the device, then wipe the pod dry with towelling paper.

  • Blow out excess e-liquid from the pod with one short puff into the pod.

  • Let it cool down. Leave the ELFA device alone for a few minutes to let the e-liquid within the pod cool down.

  • If your ELFA Pod device has stopped working, place it in a zip-lock bag with rice to absorb any moisture within.

How Can You Prevent Your ELFA Pods From Leaking?

Now that you understand what may cause your ELFA Pod Kit to leak and how to fix them, we’ll show you four small changes you can make to the way you vape that will prevent any leaks from occurring again in the future.

  • Inhale gently when vaping. The ELFA Pod Kit has an LED at the bottom of the kit that will light up when you take a puff, this can be used as a gauge as you only need to create enough air pressure to get the light to switch on and the device will do the rest. The ELFA Pod Kit works best when you take slow, gentle draws with pauses in between.

  • Take shorter puffs. Vape devices like the ELFA pod kit are designed to produce a discrete amount of vapour, you may not be seeing a lot when you exhale, but rest assured that you are getting all the nicotine you need. Taking frequent extended draws can cause the coil to get overheated and may result in runny e-liquid leaks or a burnt taste known as a dry hit.

  • Take a few puffs then stop. A cigarette has a clock on it as soon as you light it up giving you a window of time in which to use it, unlike a vape device which requires a bit of discipline on your part. Take a few short puffs with breaks in between and then stop using it after a couple of minutes as you would a cigarette. If you use the ELFA Pod Kit nonstop, eventually your e-liquid will get hot, risking a leak or a burnt taste.

  • Don’t obstruct the airflow. Make sure that your fingers are not covering the air inlets, if you grip the ELFA Pod in your fist or wrap your fingers close to the mouthpiece, you risk obstructing the airflow and creating a vacuum which will draw the e-liquid into your mouth.

Why do My ELFA Pods Taste Burnt?

You are as likely to at some point experience a burnt taste when you vape as you are a leak, and while this may be due to a defect within the pod or the device, with a few minor changes you can ensure this is a rare occurrence. Otherwise known in vaping circles as a ‘dry hit’, a burnt taste is usually the result of two main culprits and again, all you need to do is pace yourself:

  • Chain vaping. Taking frequent & rapid draws without breaks on the ELFA Pod Kit may result in the cotton not being able to absorb the liquid fast enough and cause the coil to become so hot that it burns the cotton slightly.

  • Obstructing airflow. The airflow carries the vapourised e-liquid but it also cools the coil down and if the airflow is obstructed in any way this can overheat the coil and burn the cotton which will impair the flavour of the e-liquid in the pod.

By following these tips you can enjoy all the benefits of vaping without worrying about leaking or burnt coils. If you are still experiencing problems with your ELFA Pod Kit get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.

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