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The Ultimate Vaping Guides

If you're new to vaping or looking for guidance on the latest trend in vaping, here you will find handy tips and information to bring you up to speed with it all.


What is Sub Ohm Vaping? The Complete Guide

Everything You Need To Know (Plus Stuff That Will Surprise You). We’ll be breaking it all down. What nicotine is, how it affects you, if it’s bad for you, the safest way to handle it and whether or not it should be slapped with the “evil” label. Read more

New Year’s 2020: The Ultimate Resolution

From people who used to be smokers, we 100% get it. We also 100% know you. “But I’m not sure about vaping. It looks the same as smoking. Probably costs loads…” However, quitting smoking is one of the best resolutions you can make - here's how you can achieve that. Read more

Vaping Levels - MTL to RDA

If you’ve walked into a vape shop (or looked for a simple kit to get you started online), you might be a bit baffled at just how many kinds of e-cigarettes there are. We'll cover the full spectrum from MTL to RDA. Read more

Next Level Vaping

You've successfully made the switch the vaping, and are now looking to take it up a notch. Find out how to do that with our guide to taking vaping to the next level. Read more

Throat Hit vs Lung Hit - How Do you Vape?

We’re so busy nailing our perfect e-liquid and out-doing our mates with vape mod kits, we often end up ignoring the most important vaping aspect of all: how we’re doing it. If you’ve heard Mouth to Lung vaping and Direct to Lung vaping (but haven’t really got a clue what the difference is), keep reading. Read more

What Is A Nic Shot?

Nic shots are small, 10mL TPD compliant bottles of unflavoured nicotine e-liquid that are made to be mixed with larger bottles of nicotine free e-liquid. TPD regulations only apply to nicotine-containing e-liquids. Since the unflavoured nic shot is the only part of the package containing nicotine, the manufacturer needs only to test the nic shot in order to be compliant with the new rules. The result? Vapers can still enjoy large bottles of juice with nicotine in them without any extra cost. Read more

What’s the Difference Between an RDA and an RTA?

RBA, RDA, RTA – sometimes it seems like there’s no end to how many attachments and devices that vaping companies can come up with. It’s a language all of its own. If you’re totally new to the whole raft of acronyms in the vaping world, or have stuck firmly to standard mouth to lung or Sub Ohm tanks we can clear a few things up. Read more

What is a Squonk Mod?

If you've been wondering what a squonk mod is, you're not alone. Many vapers have encountered the term 'squonking' but aren’t sure what it actually refers to, how it works or how it could enhance their vaping experience. So, we’re here to clear a few questions up. Read more