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Top 5 MTL Kits To Buy in 2019

Posted by Vape Superstore on

TO BUY IN 2019

Tech | 6 Min Read

Written By: Vape Superstore

From the UK’s advertising standards agency relaxing their laws on advertising ‘health benefits,’ to the Public Health England’s national Stoptober initiative which included e-cigarettes for the very first time, it’s no wonder there has been a sudden surge in the number of vapers.

Millions of adults are choosing to vape either as a pleasurable pastime or in an attempt to stop smoking. That’s what we are going to look at today – the best mtl vape kits for newcomers.


  1. Zeltu - Zeltu X Pod Kit
  2. Aspire - Pockex Kit
  3. Vaporesso - Orca Solo Kit
  4. Suorin - Drop Vape Kit
  5. Smok - Infinix Vape Kit


  • Firstly, let’s take a look at our Zeltu X Starter Pod Kit., it has been specially designed to provide you with a simple and satisfying option that’s portable enough to take on the go. It is an open pod system offering you a greater choice of e-liquids, and this mouth to lung kit comes in three brushed matte colours: rose gold, black and silver. Another feature to note, is the adjustable airflow giving you a custom vaping experience, plus the battery gives you a full day of use before it needs recharging.

    There's simply nothing bad to say about this e-cig; it’s sleek to look at and comfortable to hold, but most importantly it is a breeze to use with its one button operation. Its compact and slim body make it small enough to slip in a pocket or bag, and the 2ml capacity will keep you vaping for a while. The pods can also be refilled up to fifteen times, making them cost efficient and offering a choice of e-liquid, plus it has adjustable airflow.

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  • If you are looking for the good old-faithful which has been tried, tested and liked by many customers there is the Aspire PockeX. This is the ultimate all-in-one pen style e-cigarette and ideal for beginners on the go. The top-fill tank is pre-fitted with a stainless steel coil (and a spare should you need it) plus it offers direct to lung vaping. Furthermore, with a wider drip-tip and larger top-airflow this kit provides increased vapour production and excellent flavour.

    This is ideal for beginners and is incredibly easy to use, by clicking the firing button five times to switch it on and off, plus one to vape. The majority of this kit is made of stainless steel making it very durable, there is also a window on the side for you to keep an eye on your e-liquid levels and making it easier to top up.

    The battery will see you through a decent amount of vaping, with a warning at 30%; it also offers you the option to charge and vape at the same time.
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  • For more of a classic pen style there is the Vaporesso Orca Solo which is elegant in appearance, compact in size and comes in four different colours: black, rose gold, silver and metallic grey. Designed for mouth to lung vaping, the Vaporesso Orca is extremely easy to use, and is operated by a single button. This perfect vape starter kit, with a top-fill 1.5ml tank, can be used all day long - with approximately 190 puffs per full charge.

    Again, there are no negative points to this kit – it charges in just 45 minutes and has no fiddly settings to contend with, it also includes many safety features which you normally find on a luxury device.

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  • For something uber cool, that looks kind of space-age, we have the Suorin Drop Kit in Black this is an ultra slim vape kit designed with mouth to lung beginner vapers in mind. The sleek water-drop shape will smoothly fit into the palm of your hand, which is great for vapers on the go. This also has and an open pod system meaning you can refill with your favourite juices but avoids the need to change coils.

    This super sleek e-cig charges in just 45 minutes, and it includes a 2ml open pod system meaning longer vaping time plus ease of filling with your preferred e-liquid. What’s more, you'll get several refills out of each cartridge, meaning it’s a cost effective and an easy way to vape without the hassle of needing to change coils.

    The Suorin Drop also includes the unique manual draw function, meaning there are no buttons to operate it, and you can happily carry this piece of kit in your pocket without any worries about leakage or misfiring.

    Despite being a Plus Ohm (it basically takes longer to heat up), the mouth to lung vape you get still has outstanding flavour accuracy and vapour production.

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  • Again, hosting the sleek sharp look there is the Infinix by SMOK, a mouth to lung pen-style pod kit, which is made from soft-touch brushed metal in three colours black, red or blue. This e-cig is slim, portable and light, including a 2ml capacity pod. With no fire button, simply inhale and you will enjoy dense vapour. Also, thanks to this kits e-liquid injection bottle, the pods are extremely easy to refill with whichever e-liquid that you fancy.

    This nifty little pen-style starter kit has no fault in our eyes, it’s small enough to fit into your pocket, weighs next to nothing, but still carries a 2ml tank. It uses pod technology, so not only is it refillable with any strength and flavour e-liquid that you’d like, it is cost-effective too with the pods lasting around seven refills.

    This quirky vape also includes the unique manual draw function offering peace of mind while you’re out and about, and if you’re a moderate vaper the charge should last you about a day, but if you need to charge it, it only takes a swift 25 minutes to gain full power.

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All-in-all we know how daunting it is, stepping into the world of vaping for the first time after quitting your over the counter cigs that you’ve smoked for the past 20 years, or just wishing for a simple e-cig life without being blinded by science. With that in mind, we hand on heart recommend any of the above, they are all affordable, convenient, and offer a smoking-like sensation on the throat hit and drag; it really is down to the look and feel.

If you would like further help in choosing the right e-cig for you, or simply to taste the e-liquids we have on offer, pop into any of our seven London stores or get in touch on our online chat. Don’t forget, for exclusive offers, promos and savings, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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