What are big puff vapes?

What are big puff vapes?


Since the UK government's announcement of a ban on disposable vapes, there has been an explosion of vape devices that dole out more than the accustomed 600 puffs. If you’ve noticed these chunky looking disposables and pre-filled kits and are wondering what those big vapes are, you’ve come to the right place.

Described as ‘big vapes’ or ‘big puff bars’, these kits take the form of disposable varieties and prefilled pod kits that use ingenious new designs to provide you with more puffs whilst adhering to the TPD requirements for e-liquid pod capacity.

What does this mean for you?

Well, much longer enjoyment for starters, as well as better value for money as you’ll be purchasing a kit far less often. You’ll also be able to enjoy the same easy to use functionality that makes disposable vaping so pleasurable for longer and spend less in the process.

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the world of big puff kits and show you how they work. Find out what the different types of big puff disposables are and learn how top vape brands have figured out how to bring you more puffs by using breakthrough designs that are fully legal and will save you a lot of money when compared to 600 puff disposables.

Let’s dig in.

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How do big puff vapes work?

Big puff vapes use two forward thinking solutions to deliver kits with much greater e-liquid capacity - some with up to sixteen times the use of a regular disposable! They do this by either using kits that can house multiple pre-filled pods or a 10ml e-liquid container that clicks into the device and tops up a 2ml pod.

This evolutionary redesign of the disposable concept works out cheaper and provides you with a kit that will deliver days of consistent performance. All this without sacrificing the hassle-free functionality that makes instant use disposables so popular. It’s a no brainer really.

What is the difference between a big puff vape and a 600 puff disposable?

The main difference between a big puff bar and a regular single use vape kit is the amount of puffs you get. A traditional disposable bar only has a prefilled 2ml pod that delivers a maximum of 600 puffs. This is about 2 days worth of use for the average vaper. Once your 600 puff disposable is empty, you need to buy a new kit.

A big puff bar on the other hand provides up to a week's worth of use. They typically cost two to three times more than a regular disposable, but will net you huge savings in the long run because of their longevity.

You also won’t need to keep buying a new bar every couple of days or carry multiple spare ones around with you. Together with the cost saving, big puff bars provide an incredible quality of life improvement. Most of these devices provide up to 6000 puffs with some designs promising a staggering 10000 puffs per unit.

Even more good news; big puff bars are as user-friendly as disposables. The kits use inhale activation which makes them effortless to vape once the pods are installed. The auto draw functionality is intuitive and mimics the sensation of drawing on a cigarette by using the mouth to lung style of vaping. This is where the vapour is drawn into the mouth, held for a second and then inhaled.

How much nicotine is in a big puff vape?

Big puff vapes use nicotine salts at a 20mg strength. This premium blend of nicotine is the most bioavailable formulation and ensures rapid absorption to curb cravings quickly. This is the highest nicotine strength available in the UK and is the standard amount for disposable vapes. A 20mg nicotine salts deliver a smooth and satisfying throat hit that will feel familiar to cigarette smokers.

How many puffs are in a big vape?

There are a variety of puff sizes available. Here is a selection of the number of puffs available with the corresponding kit examples:

1,200 Puffs - Elf Bar EB1200
2,400 Puffs - Happy Vibes Twist
3,500 Puffs - Instafill 3500
5,000 Puffs - Elf Bar AF5000
6,000 Puffs - Sikary S6000
10,000 Puffs - Titan 10K

What are the types of big puff vapes?

The first designs were big puff disposable vape kits. More puffs, but ultimately still a device that would eventually need to be replaced once the 10ml e-liquid container ran out. More recently, however, you can now find pre-filled pod kits that include multiple pods in one kit. These cost effective kits use pods that can all be replaced when they eventually run out.

Let's take a look at the different types of big puff bars in greater detail:

Prefilled pod big puff disposable vapes

The first big puff bars to hit the market consisted of four prefilled pods, each with a 2ml liquid capacity. The pods slot into a rotating chamber with a kit that houses a much larger non-rechargeable battery. You can enjoy a great deal more vaping from these kits, but they are still disposables by design and will need to be replaced once the pods are empty.

This multiple pod configuration typically delivers up to 2400 puffs per unit. A good example of this would be the famous IVG 2400, dubbed the UK’s first TPD compliant 2400 puff disposable.

Pros of prefilled pod big puff disposables:

  • Mimal setup
  • Userfriendly interface
  • Option of multiple flavours in device
  • Cheaper than 600 puff disposables


Cons of prefilled pod big puff disposables:

  • Still a disposable
  • Not the most cost effective
  • Lower puff capacity


Refill container big puff disposables

More recent models like the Lost Mary BM6000, incorporate a 10ml container filled with e-liquid that is slotted into a rechargeable kit. The container fills up a TPD compliant 2ml pod.

It's basically like having a 10ml bottle of vape juice inside your vape kit. When your pod runs out, you just tilt the device and it fills it back up. These devices use a rechargeable battery with significantly greater capcity. You can recharge the device quickly, however, when the device runs out of e-liquid you will need to recyle it and get a new one. Refill container disposables are much more cost efficient to maintain than a regular 600 puff disposable bar.

Pros of refill container big puff disposables:

  • Much larger puff capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Very cost effective


Cons of refill container big puff disposables:

  • Still a disposable
  • Risk of burning coil if device not tilted
  • Can be on the chunky side


Refillable & reusable big puff vapes

Vape brands have been quick to incorporate this breakthrough concept into reusable pre-filled pod kits. The Vaporesso Doja Blast 6000 is an example of how effective this solution can be. The kit houses a rechargeable battery that fits a 10ml container and 2ml pod. The pod and container form a single unit that can be replaced much the same way you would a standard pre-filled pod kit.

This is a revolution for vaping that means that vapers can essentially buy a replacement bottle of e-liquid and pod in one packaged unit that simply slots into their existing kit. No more topping up with e-liquid or fiddling around with coils. This concept is the most cost effective way of enjoying big puff vaping as you don't have to throw away the kit when the e-liquid runs out.

Pros of reusable big puff pod kits:

  • Most cost effective big puff format
  • Both pod or container formats
  • High puff count
  • Reusable kits
  • Least wasteful design


Cons of reusable container big puff pod kits:

  • More expensive to maintain than a traditional refillable vape kit.


Do big puff vapes require setup?

There is an element of setup required for big puff vapes that mostly involves slotting pods and containers into the device. This makes them far more user friendly than traditional refillable pod kits which require e-liquid bottles to top up replaceable cartridges.

The best thing about the big puff concept is how easy it is to top up your flavour. In the case of a 4-in-1 pod kit, you simply rotate the chamber or mouthpiece of the device to load in a fresh pod.

The 10ml container kits are even easier - just tilt to fill. Here at Vape Superstore, we like to keep ours upside down in our pocket, so it's always full when we go to use it.

Some big puff devices have rechargeable batteries which use Type-C ports that provide fast recharging thus minimising your downtime.

Benefits of big puff vapes

You’ll benefit from a lot of quality of life improvements when you switch to a big puff kit. These kits retain all of the user friendly qualities of disposables, making them accessible to anyone on any experience level. Additionally, a single big puff bar lasts up to a week, eliminating the need to carry multiple spare kits. Moreover, refillable pod kit users will benefit from not having to lug around multiple bottles of vape juice and spare coils. Finally, big puff disposables significantly reduce your waste, which is great for the environment.

Let's take a look at some of the other major benefits of switching to big puff bars:

Long lifespan

The main advantage of big puff bars is that they last a long time. You can enjoy up to 10 times as much use from one device compared to a regular disposable kit. Instead of going through a disposable every two days, you can enjoy a single big puff bar for a week or more. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re not going to suddenly run out on an evening adventure and your bag or pockets won’t be cluttered with multiple additional ‘just in case’ devices.

Budget friendly

A big puff bar costs between two to three times more than a single disposable, but you’ll get a lot more use out of them. Most are equivalent to 6 to 10 disposables with some, like the Titan 10k equal to over 16 disposables. Those are huge savings, that could see you spending a quarter of what you usually would.

Rechargeable/Larger Batteries

Unlike standard disposables, you can recharge most big puff bars, so you’ll be able to enjoy every last drop of flavour. The kits are fitted with Type-C ports, which means rapid recharging and those that aren’t rechargeable have their battery size increased to account for the increase in e-liquid.


Some of the more current designs even incorporate replaceable pods and e-liquid containers. This means that you’ll never need to dispose of the kit. This can save you even more money in the long run and also significantly reduces your carbon footprint even further.

Easy to use

Big puff bars are the perfect kit for new starters or anyone who wants a hassle free kit that provides days of easy use. There’s very little setup required, once the container or pods are clicked into place you simply have to puff on the kit to activate it.

Drawbacks of big puff devices

Fixed Airflow

Most big puff bars are designed to be minimalistic to make them easier to use for beginners. The downside is that you will miss out on a number of the advantages usually found in refillable vape kits, namely adjustable airflow. Without the ability to loosen or tighten your draw, you're stuck with whatever mouth to lung (MTL) airflow the manufacturer has set, which can differ from brand to brand.

Disposable Waste

Unfortunately, a lot of big puff bars are still disposable at heart. You may get a lot more use out of them, but once they are empty they need to be recycled and replaced. There is a solution if this bothers you. Big puff devices like the Elf Bar EB1200 and the Revol 2600 use replaceable pre-filled pods, so you can keep the kit and just swap out the empty pods.

Limited flavours

The flavours of big puff bars pale in comparison to the wide choice available in e-liquid bottles. Refillable vape kits using vape juice bottles provide vastly more flavour combinations including tobacco and dessert options that are poorly represented by big puff bar brands.

Not the cheapest option

With these types of kits, you’re paying for the convenience of not having to fiddle around with coils and e-liquid bottles. However, if saving your pennies is a priority then we recommend that you use a refillable vape kit instead. Whilst big puff bars work out cheaper than their 600 puff counterparts, they are still not as cost effective as having your own vape kit with e-liquid bottles.

Are big puff vapes TPD compliant?

Yes, legal big puff bars are fully TPD compliant. TPD Regulations restrict the volume of any vape pod or tank to a 2ml capacity. Big puff bars have cleverly circumvented this restriction by designing a kit that fits a bottle of e-liquid inside it, thus allowing you to keep topping up the same 2ml pod.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that every bar that offers a puff count in the thousands is necessarily legit. There is unfortunately a booming black market for vapes in the UK. Most of these devices are sold at corner shops or so-called ‘American Candy’ stores. Every month, thousands of illegal devices are seized by police in raids across the country. It’s important to keep vigilant about what and where you buy, as these dodgy devices are not safe to inhale.

To guarantee that you’re getting the best quality kits that pass safety regulations, only purchase from a reputable vape shop like Vape Superstore.

What is the biggest puff vape?

Starting out at 2,400 puffs, big puff bars have ballooned to kits that offer up to 10,000 puffs on a single bar. A good example of this is the Titan 10k, a fully TPD compliant kit that uses 8 prefilled 2ml pods. Equivalent to over sixteen 600 puff disposables, you’re looking at at least 8 days of use for a kit of this capacity. Four pods are slotted into the kit with an addtional 4 that can be used to replace them.

The majority of big puff bars range between 2500 to 6000 puffs in capacity. Below are some of the best examples:

Lost Mary 4 in 1
IVG Smart 5500
Pixl 6000

How long do big puff vapes last for?

If you’ve vaped disposables before, you can work out how long a big puff disposable will last for. The average disposable user will get through one device in approximately two days. Here is an estimate of how long each big puff bar would last you based on a 2 day usage of a 600 puff disposable:

Big Puff Bar

Equivalent 600 puff disposables

Number of days of use

2,400 puff



3,500 puff



6000 puff



10,000 puff



Who should use big puff vapes?

Big puff bars are great for new starters trying to quit cigarettes and traditional disposable users who will find that they provide an easy and highly economical alternative. Using a vape kit that provides thousands of puffs lets you vape uninterrupted without the worry that you’ll suddenly be left stranded.

Big puff bars are also the perfect companion for travelling, hiking or any on-the-go lifestyle where you want to keep excess baggage down to a minimum.

What are the best big puff vapes?

All the top disposable brands are releasing their own range of big puff bars. Fans of Elf Bar and Lost Mary can now enjoy their beloved flavours for days on end. Kits like the AF5000 and BM6000 maintain the same premium build quality whilst delivering the beloved flavours they cherish.

The big puff vaping revolution has given rise to a host of other outstanding vape kits like the Instafill 3500 and the Sikary S6000, two outstanding vape kits that utilise 10ml e-liquid containers in compact and rechargeable vape kits that work exactly like a traditional disposable.

If you are interested in trying the big puff vaping experience for yourself, these kits are surefire wins:

            Quadro 4 in 1           Pod Kit
Snowplus Snap 5000 Disposable Vape
Lost Mary BM6000 Disposable Vape
Zap! Instafill 3500 Disposable Vape Kit

How do I recycle my big puff vape?

All registered vape retailers in the UK are required to provide a take-back service for used vape devices, so you can mail them back or drop them off at the store you bought them from. From there they’ll be sent to a specialist electronics waste recycling facility. Alternatively, you can recycle your used big puff bars yourself at a local electronics recycling centre.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our rundown of the new Big Puff Bar innovation. These game-changing kits completely revolutionise the disposable and prefilled pod kit market. They provide users with greater e-liquid volume and extended vaping sessions using kits that will outlast the traditional 600 puff design.

Some of the big puff bars can be recharged, whilst others have greater battery capacity. Most importantly, they are as effortless to use as any disposable device and require little to no maintenance. Moreover, big puff bars are a lot cheaper than using 600 puff disposables. Because they last longer, you won’t have to purchase a new one nearly as often.

Take a leap forward and reap the benefits of the big puff bar evolution by purchasing your new device today at Vape Superstore. We stock the widest range of big puff vape kits at unbeatable prices and with multi-buy deals that can save you over 20%


Are big puff vapes legal?

Big puff vapes utilise a 2ml capacity pod that is either prefilled with e-liquid or continuously topped up using an included 10ml e-liquid container. The inclusion of a 2ml pod capacity adheres to TPD regulations.

Are big puff vapes being banned?

Big puff bars that are classed as disposable, (i.e they cannot be refilled and reused), will likely be banned in early 2025. The Tobacco and Vapes Legislation Bill that includes the ban has passed its second reading but has not yet been passed into law.

Can I refill a big puff vape?

Whilst many big puff vapes are single use in design, there are some big puff kits that utilise pre filled pods that can be replaced. Examples of these are:


Which big puff vapes last the longest?

Currently the Titan 10k holds the title for the largest amount of puffs. It uses 8 x 2ml pods to unleash up to 10,000 puffs per bar. In second place are the 6000 puff bars like the Pixl 6000.

What is the cheapest big puff vape?

You can enjoy up to 5000 puffs with the Snowplus Clic 5000 for only £8.95 at Vape Superstore. Or take advantage of our Big Puff Bar 3 for £30 deal and save over 20%!

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