What is the best Lost Mary Vape flavour?

Lost Mary has taken the vaping world by storm with their unique and delicious disposable vape flavours. The BM600 disposable is the most popular vape within their range, and this is alone is available in 34 delicious flavours. With so many different flavours available, it can be tough to know where to start. So we've pulled together a list of the best selling Lost Mary vape flavours to help you discover the ones that are loved by our customers. Whether you're a fan of fruity blends or more indulgent dessert flavours, Lost Mary Disposable Vapes has a flavour for all types of vaper.

Top 20 Best-Selling Lost Mary Flavours

A Deeper Dive into Lost Mary's Popularity

It's no surprise that Lost Mary has garnered such a dedicated following in the vaping community. Many vapers, including myself, find themselves utterly captivated by the unique and delightful flavors that Lost Mary brings to the table. One such flavour that stands out is their Pineapple Ice. This blend offers a perfect mix of fruity sweetness with a cooling ice on the exhale.

While the BM600 disposable remains a top choice for many, it's essential to explore the vast range of flavours Lost Mary offers. From fruity concoctions to rich dessert-inspired blends, there's a flavour to match every palate. And as always, it's crucial to remember that the best flavour is subjective. What might be a favourite for one might not be for another. So, I encourage all vapers to dive deep into the world of Lost Mary and discover their personal favourite.

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