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There are generally two trains of thought regarding what’s most important when you’ve been vaping for a while: flavour or vapour. If you fall into the latter category and want to ramp up your vapour production to the max, we’ve got a few ideas to help you do just that. From the kit you’re using, to how you use it and of course your choice of e-liquid, there are a few little things that when combined will give you outstanding results.

First of all, let’s look at your best vape kit. Even if you’re not at the point of building your own coils and working with an RDA, there are still plenty of minor changes you can make first.


Starting with the obvious part - what kind of tank have you got? If you’re still working with a mouth to lung tank but want to create impressive clouds, you’ll need a Sub Ohm tank. If you already have a mod, check it works with the standard 510 connector pin you’ll find on Sub Ohm tanks too. The premise behind these is they’re a lower resistance coil (as the name would suggest, less than 1 Ohm) which in turn means more power can flow through them, creating more vapour. The lower the resistance, the greater the clouds will be. Looking for tanks with pre-made coils in the 0.15Ohm range is ideal. Generally, unless you’re building your own this is also the lowest you can go when it comes to pre-made coils.

There are plenty of great tanks to choose from, one of the cult classics is the Aspire Cleito. The updated version, the Cleito 120 is a great option for super massive clouds as it can be vaped at up to 120 watts. Another powerful option is the Innokin Scion 2 tank. This one comes with mesh coils and can be vaped at up to 110 watts. Speaking of wattage, that brings us nicely to our next point…


Like we said before, if you have a Sub Ohm tank, it needs to be compatible with your mod. The mod is the next most important part of your kit when it comes to blowing clouds because it’s what actually heats the coil in the first place. If you have a super low resistance coil (a 0.15 like we recommended for example), you need more power to actually make it work.

Most coils will have a guide on them for the range they’ll actually fire at and generally they’re pretty broad but you need a mod that can match their needs. If you already have one that you love and will work on a higher wattage range, great. Start at the lower end of the range listed on the coil itself, gradually ramping it up until you hit the sweet spot of good flavour and of course super vapour without things getting too hot.

The idea behind more wattage is pretty simple. When you increase it, the coil gets hotter. This in turn means you’ll heat the liquid in your tank more quickly and it can be turned into vapour at a more rapid rate.


Once you’ve got your mod and Sub Ohm tank sorted, it’s really just a matter of a few little tweaks to maximise your use of both. With more wattage and heat, you need more airflow to actually get the most out of your clouds. When you up the wattage, without having sufficient airflow moving over the coil, all you’ll get is a very warm vape. Sub Ohm tanks almost always have adjustable airflow, so crank that wide open for a start. You’ll also want to make sure when you actually inhale you’re doing so quickly enough to draw the vapour away from the coil.

The final bit when it comes to airflow is your drip tip. It’s just one little piece on top of your tank but it plays a big part in your vaping experience. Some tanks will come with a few different options of drip tip. When it comes to cloud chasing, you’ll want to go for the widest drip tip possible. This helps create more space for air to flow through (and in turn, more vapour). The more airy and easier a drag you can get from your tank, the more dense and voluminous your clouds will be.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention which juice you should use for the best vapour production. You’ll want a high VG juice for cloud chasing. While PG (propylene glycol) is thinner and more easily vaporised, it’s VG that gives you the best performance. Because it’s a thicker liquid, when you vape it, VG is what produces more dense vapour rather than thin, wispy clouds you get with PG.

With vegetable glycerine being the bit of your e-liquid that creates vapour, having one that’s minimum 70-80% VG will give you the best vapour payoff. You’ll still get great flavour and a mild hit, but most importantly those super-charged clouds big enough to fill a room.