How to use your XROS 4 Mini

Introduction to XROS 4 Mini

Have you taken your XROS 4 Mini out of the box and need clarification on the next steps? No worries, here at Vape Superstore we have put together a guide to help you further.

The XROS 4 Mini is one of the latest releases from Vaporesso's much-loved and adored XROS Range. This ultra-compact device is the lighter and more handy version of the XROS 4. Finished with an all-aluminium alloy design, this outstanding kit features inhale activation, type-charging, RGB battery indication and also uses Vaporesso's new Corex 2.0 Pods - which deliver exceptional flavour, cloud production and an extended life span.

What's in the box

  • 1 x XROS 4 Mini Battery
  • 1 x XROS Corex 2.0, 0.4ohm Mesh Pod (pre-installed)
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual & Warranty Card
  • 1 x Reminder Card

Types of e-liquids to use

The XROS 4 Mini includes a 0.4Ω Corex 2.0 Mesh Pod that is preinstalled. 0.4Ω pods should be paired with High VG E-liquids. However please note if you do decide to purchase higher resistances in future please opt for 50/50 freebase liquids or nicotine salts as if you continue to use High VG E-liquids, this will cause leakage in resistances higher than 0.4Ω.

How to fill your XROS 4 Mini?

1. Remove the protective seal from the bottom of the pod.

Picture of protective seal being removed from the bottom of the pod.

2. Snap the mouthpiece backwards to reveal the filling point.

Picture of the XROS 4 Mini Pod's mouthpiece being snapped backwards to reveal filling point.

3. Insert the nozzle of your e-liquid into the filling point.

Picture of nozzle being inserted into pod to fill.

4. Fill to the max line.

Picture of hand showing where the max line is on the pod .

5. Clip the mouthpiece back onto the pod. Once the pod is filled, wait five minutes before beginning vaping.

Picture of mouthpiece being put back on to device.

How to use your XROS 4 Mini?

The XROS 4 Mini is a buttonless device. Simply inhale from the device to activate the kit.

Picture of xros 4 mini and an arrow pointing upwards from the pod indicating inhale activation.

With an airflow toggle on the back of the device, a loose or tighter draw can be tailored to your desired preference with a simple slide

Picture of the back of the xros 4 device where the airflow slider is located.

An RGB Battery Level Indicator is located on the front of the device. The LED indication will show the current battery level after taking a puff or inserting the pod. 70%-100% - Green, 30%-70% Blue , 0%-30% Red

Picture of the front of the device showing an RGB indicator.

Type-C charging capabilities allow the kit to be charged from 0% to full charge in the blink of an eye. Once fully charged the light will stay green.

Picture of the xros 4 mini device being charged.

When to change the pod and how to dispose of it

The XROS 4 Mini Pods should last anywhere from 1-2 weeks. When you begin to taste a burnt flavour or notice that your e-liquid is becoming discoloured, this will indicate that a new pod is required. Simply pull out the old pod and insert a new pod.

Pods are a recyclable component and should be recycled.


Troubleshooting tips

What to do if your pod leaks

With vaping kits, there can sometimes be leakage due to user error. If this does occur, remove the pod and wipe it down dry.

  • Use a Q tip or kitchen towel to clear the excess liquid from the inside compartment of where the pod goes.
  • Blow into the pod - this will remove any excess liquid that has formed.
  • Insert the pod back into the device.


How to avoid leaks in the future

  • Never fill above the max line.
  • Take breaks when vaping, never chain vape as this can also cause leaking.

How to avoid a burnt taste

  • Be aware of e-liquid levels. Never let the pod run completely dry. The exposed cotton of the integrated coil should always be submerged in e-liquid.
  • Constant vape pulls can cause the coil to burn as not enough time is allowed for the coil to efficiently turn e-liquid into vapour. Try to refrain from chain vaping.
  • Never cover any airflow controls as this can cause overheating.


Thank you for taking the time to read our detailed guide on your new XROS 4 Mini. I hope this has provided you with enough information to get started. Why not explore our extensive range of premium e-liquids and treat your self to a new flavour.
If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us, a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

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