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Best Vape Tanks for 2019

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There are many different types of vape tank on the market serving a host of different purposes, including basic entry-level products and sub-ohm solutions for more advanced users. The range of vape tanks available at Vape Superstore means all requirements are catered for prominently.

We’ve covered the best starter kits, as well as the best advanced kits so it was about time we covered tanks too. Once you get into more advanced vaping with a variable wattage mod, you’re open to a whole world of options in regards to tanks. While your mod and its output are important, the tank is where the real vaping magic happens. Choosing a tank allows you to refine how much vapour you want to be producing, look at more coil options, focus on flavour as well as control how much wattage you need to fire through.

We’ll cover some of the recent releases we think are worth looking at, as well as some classic tanks that are still worth as much consideration now as they were when they first came out. All these tanks have the standard 510 connector so will fit on your mod with the corresponding threading.

Whether you're new to vaping, are primarily interested in cloud-chasing, or are looking for a top-of-the-range tank or clearomizer, we're confident you'll find something that meets your needs within our list of the best vape tanks currently available through our store.


  1. Aspire - Cleito
  2. Geek Vape - Alpha
  3. Innokin - Scion II
  4. Vaporesso - Skrr
  5. Horizontech - Falcon King


The original Aspire Cleito has been around for a while now, but its popularity has sustained itself over the years for a reason. Many a vaper started out with a Cleito and often go back to it for a slim and efficient option. If you’re looking into your first tank, the Cleito is a strong contender given how versatile it is. It’s narrow enough at 22mm in diameter to fit on even the more narrow mods with no overhang.

The other benefit of the Cleito is of course the coil options. If you have a mod with a slightly lower maximum wattage output (in the realm of 80 watts at most) the Cleito is ideal. You’ve got three coils to choose from, the first is a 0.2ohm for 55 - 70 watts and more vapour. The second choice is a 0.4ohm (which will give you a little more flavour, less vapour) that can be vaped between 40 and 60 watts. Finally, there’s a stainless steel equivalent also in a 0.4ohm resistance which you can use in temperature control mode too.

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Like anything with Geek Vape, one of the first things you’ll notice about the Alpha tank is it looks incredible. If you’re looking for a tank that stands out and has plenty of colour options, this one is worth considering. It’s on the larger side as far as diameter goes with a 25mm base, so is better suited for larger mods to avoid any overhang. It’s also best suited to mods with more power - the coils were made for some serious cloud action so you’ll want something that can push through 100 watts or more.

Aside from a swivel top fill port, wide bore drip tip for more vapour and large vents with adjustable airflow, the coils also contribute to super vapour in the Alpha. The two coils you get with the tank are mesh kanthal options, great for flavour and dense clouds. Your first choice is the single core X1 coil with a 0.2ohm resistance for 60 to a hefty 110 watts. If you’d prefer something a little more mild, your other choice is the 0.4ohm dual coil for 50 to 80 watts.

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Despite being a more minimalist looking option, the Scion II is a powerful tank that delivers exceptional results across the board. It’s a little on the larger side, measuring in at 24mm in diameter and the coils also warrant a higher powered mod - so this one is a good choice for dual-cell setups. The Scion II has a sliding top cap for easy refills meaning no locks or unscrewing is required at all. At the base of the tank the airflow clicks rather than slides so you know it’ll stay exactly where you set it. The 810 drip tip up top also helps to maximise your vapour production and gives you a super airy inhale.

The coils for the Scion II are huge which means more surface area to absorb e-liquid as well as more mesh to heat up more quickly - giving you great flavour and plenty of vapour. There are two resistance levels to choose from, the one you get with the tank is a 0.15ohm option for 60 to 100 watts. You can also use the quad coils with a 0.36ohm resistance for a supercharged 80 - 150 watts.

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We’re still not 100% sure on the best way to pronounce this one, but we know it’s an exceptional tank. It’s been flying off the warehouse shelves since it arrived and it’s one of those pieces of kit that does the Vaporesso name justice. It’s quite a slim option at just 23mm wide at the base meaning it’ll fit most mods nicely but the best part of it is the range of coils you can use. It adapts to the full GT coil range which means the Skrr will suit output from as low as 20 watts with the CCELL option all the way up to 130 watts with the mesh options.

The QF coils that come with the tank are particularly innovative as they’re a bullet shape to help reduce spit back as well as recycle e-liquid condensation back through your tank. They’re made with a combination of flax fibre and cotton for super fast absorption to lessen the chances of ever getting a dry hit. It comes in a standard 2ml capacity but if that’s not enough for you, there’s also a glass expander to boost it to a 5ml or 8ml capacity.

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Finally, we have one of the most modern looking and certainly the largest tank on the list. The Falcon King will be best suited to a larger mod owing to its 25.4mm base diameter. The M1 coils are what really set this tank apart to make it the king of flavour, they’ll require a mid-range output of around 70 watts to perform at their best. You’ll enjoy a cooler, more airy vape but the flavour is something else with the Falcon King.

The M1 coils are a 0.15ohm resistance and have a mesh core for a quick ramp up and even heating. Inside, the wicking is a combination of wood pulp and cotton, allowing for a super crisp and accurate flavour profile.

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There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a vape tank or clearomiser. Factors that will determine what the best vape tank is for your needs will include your level of experience, your budget, whether you're interested in or have the experience for sub-ohm vaping, your cloud production requirements, your preferred level of flavour and your preferences in terms of style, size and design. Whether you require something designed for mobile use, a pocket-sized solution or something more bulky and powerful, options are available.

Depending on your wattage (or temperature control) preferences, mod output and regardless of whether you prefer more flavour or vapour, we think there’s a great choice here for every vaper. Think we’ve missed one off? Let us know in the comments what you’re vaping.

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